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Many software vendors have an interesting story to tell. At Brightwork we consider ourselves both real researchers and real technologist. We have a limited bandwidth which we can use to cover a limited number of topics. For many years we performed our research without any vendor or other funding. Essentially allowing consulting to pay for all the research that we did. But we have received increasing requests to analyze various products.

Opening Up Our Research & Coverage

Therefore, we have now opened our research and media coverage to funding. This funding can come from software vendors it can come from enterprise software buyers, it can come from attorneys. There is no way to buy an opinion or research result from Brightwork. Buying inaccurate coverage is something that we have publicly harshly criticized Gartner Forrester, IDG and others for doing.

What You Can Purchase from Brightwork

However what can be purchased from Brightwork is coverage. We have the ability and the credibility to get out information into the enterprise software marketplace. We are the source to publish information that no one else will publish.

  • It is our view that both the IT analyst and overall IT media landscape is far too subordinate to the interests of large software vendors.
  • We believe that some of the most exciting and important technology stories reside within the non-mega software vendors and stories within software buyers. And these are many of the stories that we focus on getting out.
  • So if Brightwork were to evaluate this and write it up and share it, etc… then there would be a charge that will be the $1000s. We would have to┬ádefined scope, but that is the rough idea. Now, most of our research is not paid, but if we do something specific in response to a request then we charge.

Getting Out Compelling Stories in IT

If you have a compelling story and you’re interested in leveraging our platform reach out to us about being put into the research stream. We offer you informed researchers, top quality output and the coverage at a level of detail which is not available elsewhere. When you contact us.

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  • What We Offer

    We provide customized research in a broad range of topics ranging from SAP questions, validating information provided by SAP sales reps, competitive intelligence for vendors, indirect access and project analysis. We offer the most experienced and extensive research in the areas we cover with no vendor bias.

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