Brightwork Licensed Research

Executive Summary

  • Brightwork Research & Analysis produces research which we license to various entities for a one-time payment for unlimited, but non-exclusive use.
  • We cover what those who purchase a license to specific research can expect.


We license access to specific high-value research articles. These articles can be either pre-existing research — or is research customized per a customer requirement. Once licensed, this research, which is hosted on the Brightwork Research & Analysis website, and is protected and shared with a coupon code provided to the licensee.

This code can be used internally or shared with outside parties.


Brightwork does not alter research. Therefore in the case that the research is not pre-existing and is customized per a customer requirement, it cannot be altered by a customer.

What You Get With Research Licenced Research Content

These are the following items that are part of what you can expect from the research.

Item #1: The Type of Research

We provide In-depth research that is typically not available from other firms that produce similar work (Gartner, Forrester, etc..). These firms receive enormous sums of money from the mega-vendors and are unwilling to cover areas that critique or otherwise challenge their funders. As a result, research by the established entities is censored. Brightwork has an established history of both questioning the status quo and being proven right in our predictions.

Item #2: The Distribution Mechanism

All Brightwork research is published at the Brightwork Research & Analysis website. This allows the content to be controlled in terms of access and to updated at any time. Using a website also allows the insertion of various artifacts such as embedded databases and even interactive elements.

Item #3: Licensing Privileges

We offer limited use licensing for a one time fee. This license is non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-modifiable, and has no geographic limitation.

This fits with the needs of most research customers who only want to access and have the ability to share the research. All of our protected content is licensed and metered. 

Item #4: Updated Research and the License Term

The initial research may be updated naturally, or a license extension can be paid for that promotes us to update the research.

  • License Term: Licensing comes with a 2-year term, and extensive updates may occur at the time of renewal, which will keep the research fresh, so it can continue to be relevant and up to date for readers.
  • Renewal at the end of Term: At the time of renewal. Stock is taken of the changes since the research was first published, and significant adjustments can be made. (see the screenshot below for details)
  • Maximum Number of Users per Licensed Work: Each licensed work is typically set at a maximum number of users, the coupon code ceases to function as it is metered by the content restriction software. And it either would be necessary for the licensee to purchase a new block of users or to no longer use the article. Copying or distribution of the article offline is in violation of the licensing agreement. 
  • User Management: Once a user logs in, if they use the same browser, they will not have to log in a second time. The cookie placed by the server into the browser will recognize the person’s credentials and allow them automatically into the content page. 

Item #5: Reader Traceability

Licensees receive updates as to who logged in to read the research under their coupon code. The software we use each licensee is provided with a unique coupon code, which is recorded along with a user name and email address.

  • Customers are entitled to receive updates as to the users that are using the coupon code provided to read the content. We create a Google Sheet for each content piece and update the sheet with the latest users who have logged into the research article. As soon as we update the sheet, you will be able to see the entries. See an example of what the sheet will look like. This is an extract from the content restriction software that we use.
  • The coupon codes we provide are unique to you and only used by those to which you give the coupon code to or people they provide the coupon code to. If there is an issue with the coupon code being given to users that you don’t recognize, we can create a new coupon code and decommission the previous coupon code.

Item #6: Content Locking

  1. All research articles are locked, and while the introductory page may be found through Google, the content is protected and only available to those who pay or have a coupon code. A “coupon code” is simply a type of customer assigned password that allows traceability to each customer.
  2. There is also a unit price set for the research article when the individual user goes to the link. Still, the price is set high for individual purchasers, so for all intents, the licensed research is designed to be primarily available to licensees.

Here is a sample of what the login screen will look like to a user.

As soon as the user enters the coupon code, and their name and email details, they are allowed entry to the article. With a coupon code, there is no payment information required. The software we use for content restriction requires we provided a price, but in actual usage, the coupon code simply negates the price. 


If you are interested in licensing our pre-existing research or have research you are interested in having performed to license, then contact us.

What We Do and Research Access

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