How the Exaggeration of the Islamic Golden Age is an Example of Taqiyya

Executive Summary

  • Muslims follow a strategy of lying to non-Muslims as laid out by Mohammed called Taqiyya.
  • The Golden Age of Islam is part of this.


Muslims detest the topic of the taqiyya, however, it is indisputable that Islam tells its followers to lie to non-Muslims.

We first investigated taqiyya separately from our investigation of the Golden Age of Islam. Then we realized that the Golden Age of Islam was filled with lies and exaggerations. Finally, we concluded that the Golden Age of Islam is an example of taqiyya. It is an exaggerated or false history designed to influence the non-believer. The evidence for this is explained in this article.

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The Requirement to Perform Taqiyya

Lying to the Kafir is called Taqiyya, which is considered a virtue in Islam and is used to advance Islam’s cause. Islam sees itself in perpetual jihad (struggle) against the Kafir, the non-believer, and the “concealer” of the truth. Kafirs are considered lower than dogs or pigs, and it is protected under Sharia law to rape them and even murder them. Therefore, lying to them is, of course small potatoes.

How Muslims Constantly Lie About Islam

One way or another, Muslims are constantly lying about Islam. And not only about Islam, but about other religions. For example, it is common for Muslims to refer to imperialism to describe European colonialism but to frame the conquest by the Muslims as not conquest and not imperial. When Muslims conquered areas and stole their intellectual accomplishments, they refer to this as the Golden Age of Islam, as we cover in the article How Accurate is the Standard Presentation of the Islamic Golden Age?

Video Evidence of The Taqiyya Being Practiced

This technique is shown in the following video.

Observe in this video at the 3:45 mark. A Muslim is asked why we already know the answer to, under Sharia, will apostasy be a criminal offense. The answer is the penalty for apostasy is death — with the clarification that the person is allowed time to consider whether they want to come back to Islam. However, this Muslim defects the question. He knows that it will make Islam look bad if he tells the truth. 

Observe the quote.

Here we are again, another all Islam is bad or evil discussion which has been done to death, unfortunately. I could say I became Muslim because I became educated. Its wrong to say I became educated, that is why I left Islam. I don’t accept the Victorian translation…I don’t.

At this point, another person on the panel states.

He will never admit to it.

He then states

There is no apostacy law in Islam.

Then another panel member states.

People are being killed around the world…there is something going on.

Then he states..

In post colonial secular states.


The only place where apostasy is punished is in Islamic states.

This Muslim is just lying as all Muslims will do and are trained to do, and it is obvious and beyond the pale.

Is he performing the taqiyya? It sure seems like it.

He then lies again that apostasy means “sedition or treason” and then states under that definition he does not agree with the translation. However, it is considered sedition or treason to leave Islam.

This is all part of the nearly unlimited word games that Muslims will play with non-Muslims. Only Islam sees apostasy as sedition or treason, which is why it is only Islam that has the death penalty for apostasy. However, the term being discussed is apostasy, which is to leave Islam. This Muslim is tap dancing around because he does not want the western audience to know that Muslims kill people who give up Islam.

He is then asked to disavow a Muslim he is connected to who states the blood of the non-believer is haram, that homosexuality and apostasy should be punished by death, and he won’t do it. Right at this point, another panelist brings up taqiyya. See this quote.

He will never answer that question (disavow) because he believes in a principle of tricking western audiences.

Yes, again, this is the taqiyya.

And this is observed later in the video at the 16:09 mark by two non-Muslims on the panel.

Do you understand those concerns, when people (Muslims) say one thing very reasonable on TV shows, but quite a different thing on Twitter. When people don’t give straight answers to questions.

And then a second commenter says.

And that is absolutely true because the Islamicists will never come out and say, there is a concept called taqiyya.


Interpreting The Muslim Claims Of The Golden Age

When Muslims present the Golden Age, most Western audiences assume that the Muslim is providing an accurate view to educate the audience. That is what a Westerner would do, but now how Muslims or Muslim societies work. Muslims do things to advance Islam, and it does not have anything to do with accuracy. Overall the Muslim world creates exceedingly little intellectual property, and there is no freedom of speech in any Muslim country. Scholarship as we know it does not exist in Muslim societies.

These things need to be considered when reviewing information published by Muslims or information published by Western sources that uncritically repeat information provided by Muslims.

Let us review the following quotation.

The Arabic language was synonymous with learning and science for 500 hundred years, a golden age that can count among its credits the precursors to modern universities, algebra, the names of the stars and even the notion of science as an empirical inquiry.

But historians say they still know very little about this golden age. Few of the major scientific works from that era have been translated from Arabic, and thousands of manuscripts have never even been read by modern scholars. Dr. Sabra characterizes the history of Islamic science as a field that ”hasn’t even begun yet.” – New York Times

This brings up a question.

Why haven’t Muslims already researched these topics?

The Muslim sources argue that the Golden Age of Islam lasted 500 years. However, the discoveries slowed to a trickle after around 950 AD, as is covered in the article Why Muslim Scientific Discovery Slow To a Trickle After Roughly 950 AD?

Arabic Documents From the Golden Age of Islam Waiting Over a 1000 Years to be Read?

This means that Muslims have had over a thousand years to comprehensively analyze and catalog the discoveries made during the Golden Age. What has been the hold-up? It appears that Muslims are waiting for Europeans to investigate these supposed great discoveries upon which all European technology was based.

  • Do Western societies not know their historical, scientific documents because they have not yet been translated into Arabic?
  • Alternatively, can Western civilizations analyze their historical, scientific output?
  • How does this fit with Muslims’ very low level of curiosity on intellectual topics and the tendency to wait until Europeans figure out things for them?
  • Doesn’t this undermine the claims of Muslims that they had a great Golden Age of Discovery? How can the same culture of Islam since 950 AD that has had little interest in reviewing the documents of the Golden Age be the culture of Islam that created the great Golden Age of Discovery?

The following sub-quote from the quote above is particularly curious.

Few of the major scientific works from that era have been translated from Arabic, and thousands of manuscripts have never even been read by modern scholars.

Again, why not? And why can’t previous Muslim Arabic-speaking scholars between 950 and today have read them?


The Golden Age of Islam is an attempt by Muslims to practice taqiyya and advance Islam by convincing the non-Muslim world that Islam was once great intellectual power. Muslims also need to do something to cover up the fact to Muslims as to why Islamic societies produce so little intellectual output and that Muslims are normally intellectual thugs.

If you are hearing about a story where a man cuts off his wife’s head and then walks around with it bragging to people how he killed a person who defied his god, you are looking at a Muslim country. Why did anything buy the idea that Muslim societies could have created a Golden Age of Discovery? 

when you ask Muslims whether they want to have societies that allow people to be stone to death and sever the heads of innocent people for defying Islam, or be innovative pro-science societies — because you can’t be both. The Muslims say, they can have both.

Muslims do not allow students to learn about evolution. However, they created a Golden Age of Discovery? 

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Setting up a previous “Golden Age of Islam” helped kill two birds with one stone. It had the extra benefit of being so far in the past, that it was difficult for people to verify if the claims made by Muslims about the Golden Age of Islam were true. Furthermore, there was little of practical application that came out of the Islamic Golden Age. A good synopsis of this is explained in the following quotation.

Furthermore, the intellectual achievements of Islam’s “golden age” were of limited value. There was a lot of speculation and very little application, be it in technology or politics. At the present day, for almost a thousand years even speculation has stopped, and the bounds of what is considered orthodox Islam have frozen, except when they have even contracted, as in the case of Wahabism. Serge Trifkovic

Learn who was responsible for most of the discoveries of the Golden Age of Discovery in the article How Muslims Hid the Contributions of the Dhimmis on Non-Muslims in the Golden Age of Islam Discoveries.