How to Understand Brightwork’s Indirect Access Fact Checking Service

Executive Summary

  • There is a substantial amount of biased information available on SAP indirect access.
  • We help SAP customers by providing research-based information on indirect access without bias.

Introduction to Indirect Access

Over time we have become known for providing detailed and private information about how SAP enforces indirect access against its customers. Our research indicates that indirect access to be something that is here to stay and a strategy used by SAP to prevent its customers from using non-SAP applications even in situations where customers have performed a software selection, and the non-SAP application was a far better fit for the customer’s requirements.

The Issue with Bias of Information Providers

The waters for indirect access are muddied by the fact that SAP influences some opinion leaders on the topic of indirect access. This gives the impression to the market that indirect access has far more legitimacy than it does. Secondly, indirect access experiences by customers are kept mostly private. This makes it difficult for SAP customers to access the real story on this topic. ASUG, the US SAP user group, proposes that it will help SAP customers negotiate with SAP. Still, ASUG publishes false information about indirect access and negotiates in private on these matters, and is more of an arm of SAP than an independent user group. The implementation consulting companies don’t dare cross SAP on indirect access and try to keep their customers in the dark on this topic, as it would reduce license sales and the corresponding SAP implementation billings by which the implementation companies make their living.

SAP has the advantage because it shares how it uses indirect access against customers internally across international geographies. In this way, they tune the use of indirect access to maximize control over their accounts.

These are challenges that SAP customers face with getting good quality information on indirect access.

So how do we help?

We use our research orientation to open up indirect access information to SAP customers putting them in a better position to negotiate with SAP on indirect access.

Our Offering in Indirect Access

Our indirect access consulting combines our research, with publishing and accessing our network to find out what is happening with indirect access. This means that we can help companies that are faced with indirect access charges know what is reasonable and customary, and what other companies that have gone through indirect access have been able to negotiate.

What We Do and Research Access

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