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Executive Summary

  • Brightwork Research & Analysis is focused on providing research-based, financially unbiased and non-standard advice to SAP and Oracle customers.
  • We overlap with many software vendors in the stories that we tell. Learn how your company can benefit from partnering with us.


The entire IT media and the consulting system is configured so that only the most biased information get to SAP and Oracle customers. SAP and Oracle say it, then consulting companies repeat what SAP and Oracle say verbatim. Companies that have approaches/technologies that do not do precisely as SAP or Oracle says have difficulty breaking into SAP and Oracle customers.

However, the research we do can help serve as a wedge that calls into question this status quo that results in more funds being handed over to very low-value implementations and billings. However, the story is complicated and to tell it we require access to clients to both explain the foundations as well as to provide analytical support in anything ranging from roadmap questions to TCO and ROI estimations.

We have quite a lot of research on things like S/4HANA, Fiori, (in fact, by my analysis Brightwork has the most anywhere), the Oracle database, and the research is of course opposed to what the consulting companies tell customers. This is because our conclusions are based on research, not upon trying bill for SAP or Oracle consultants. Unsurprisingly, none of the significant SAP or Oracle consulting firms produce research. Instead, they produce sales material.

We thought long and hard about how to access customers while keeping our research independent. Our conclusion was to work with vendors that fit into the conclusions that we have come to through our research. 

Staying Uncorrupted

We frequently critique Gartner or Forrester for being on the payroll of vendors, and this is reflected in their media output. Vendors can’t pay us to produce content. However, we do write articles where we have exposure. We are particularly interested in partnering with vendors that offer outstanding products that offer more openness to SAP and Oracle environments. This is why we have been focusing on AWS and Google Cloud and wrote two books describing how to leverage AWS/GCP for SAP and Oracle environments. The information we provide is a natural match for those types of vendors. This allows the vendor to expose their customers to information with a strong research foundation, which provides a broader scope of analysis than any vendor has the time or interest in providing coverage for. Nearly all SAP and Oracle customers have blind spots that we can address.

All of this connects to topics that fit into the theme of getting more out of SAP and Oracle projects.

Partnering with Brightwork

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