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  • Our Privacy Policy on Visitors
  • Our Privacy Policy on Email
  • Our Annonymous Source Policy

Our Privacy Policy on Website Visitors

We do no tracking of visitors to our site. Our messenger app will tell us where customers originate as does Google Analytics. But beyond that, we don’t know who visits the site. The only way to change that is to contact us through the message box or by filling out our contact form.

Our Privacy Policy on Email

The only way we receive an email is a form on the bottom of the web pages. We do nothing with that email except reaching out to you one time. We don’t send any mailing lists, and we certainly don’t share that information with anyone.

Our Annonymous Source Policy

Entities that reach out to us, for instance, to share stories of what SAP does on clients, are kept confidential. The source is never revealed, only the information. And that information is sanitized to remove markers like the client name, any individuals names, etc..

Brightwork Research

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    The software space is controlled by vendors, consulting firms and IT analysts who often provide self-serving and incorrect advice at the top rates.

    • We have a better track record of being correct than any of the well-known brands.
    • If this type of accuracy interests you, contact us and we will be in touch.