How Accurate Was Bluefin Solutions on Leonardo?

Executive Summary

  • Bluefin Solutions published a bizarre article on Leonardo that focused more on methodology than on what Leonardo actually is.
  • The proposal by Bluefin Solutions is that Leonardo will speed implementations.


Bluefin Solutions has been the source of an enormous amount of information around HANA and S/4HANA. Bluefin Solutions published an article by Brenton O’Callaghan. In this article, we will review the accuracy of this article on Leonardo.

Global Head of SAP Leonardo?

Bluefin Solutions has a history of giving exalted titles to individuals. This was the case when John Appleby was the “Global Head of HANA” before being promoted. This has occurred again with Brenton O’Callaghan being called the “Global Head of Leonardo,” and having this title featured prominently at the top of the article. This is misleading because SAP has very little business from Leonardo, and it is unlikely that Brenton O’Callaghan has many projects he is managing.

Leonardo will Speed Implementations

O’Callaghan begins by making a rather strange statement, implying that Leonardo, which is a solution for IoT and ML, will speed implementations of SAP that are not associated with Leonardo.

“SAP implementations are long, arduous, inflexible and costly, always have been, always will be”. Think again. Brenton O’Callaghan looks at why SAP Leonardo is setting a new level for all SAP implementations. As I reflect on SAP Leonardo, and the methodology it employs, I can’t help but feel that it was an inevitable evolution of the SAP world. I’d go as far to say that I suspect we’ll soon stop talking about it as a ‘thing’ and simply start living it in all aspects of SAP implementations.”

It is unclear what is this methodology that is specific to Leonardo or how it is so special. Even if the company does not implement Leonardo will this supposed benefit of methodology be accessible to the other applications? If not, why not?

Because of Leonardo, SAP/Bluefin Solutions Will Now Listen to the User?

“What we’re talking about, when we say Leonardo, is putting both the user and the business before the technology. It challenges us to listen to the user before proposing a solution and to be more imaginative in how we approach those solutions. At its very simplest level, it ensures we put the user at the center of our enterprise solutions, delighting them through simplicity and efficiencies that we expect today from any consumer application.”

This is an interesting admission. It implies that prior to Leonardo SAP and their consulting partner network did not listen to users before proposing a technology. That would be news to hundreds of thousands of SAP consultants working in SAP for decades.

SAP is Disrupting Itself

“Leonardo now gives us a tangible way of articulating a mentality shift that frankly must be applied to the SAP world. This is SAP disrupting themselves before somebody else does – and isn’t that what this is all about anyway! As my good friend, DJ Adams would say – disruption to allow disruption – that’s very meta!”

This quotation is wrong in several ways. First, SAP implementations look about the same as when I started working in SAP in the late 1990’s. The mentality has not shifted. As with most consulting companies, Bluefin Solutions seeks to leverage information asymmetries to extract the most out of their SAP customers, as do all SAP consulting firms I have been exposed to over the years. Secondly, someone is disrupting SAP, and it is not SAP. It is AWS.

Leonardo is the Focus of the SAP World?

“So yes, SAP Leonardo is the focus of the SAP world for now, and I believe it is going to be a part of every major SAP implementation going forward. However, I also predict that we will eventually start talking less about it and simply start living it instead…. Who knows? Perhaps one day I’ll be writing ‘SAP Leonardo is dead’ because it’s just an everyday part of SAP, and that wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

Leonardo was the focus (or one of the focuses) of the SAP world perhaps a year ago, but when this article was published by Bluefin Solutions in May of 2018, that had already not been true for a while. Leonardo was an emphasis point of SAP at SAPPHIRE 2017 (in June of 2017), but by SAPPHIRE 2018 it was barely mentioned. As for the “Leonardo Methodology” that is implied in the article where consultants now listen to users before recommending solutions, this is not even a discussion point on SAP projects.


This article contains so many problems. First, it tells the reader close to nothing about Leonardo, implying that its main value is as a methodology. However the author does not explain what this methodology is, instead merely implying that it is somehow not only good but transformational, and not only transformational to Leonardo implementations, but to SAP applications in general.

This article receives a Brightwork Research & Analysis score of 1 out of 10 for accuracy.

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