Forecasting Vendor Profiles


The following vendors are showcased in the SCM Focus book on forecasting.

Demand Works

Demand Works is a best-of-breed demand and supply-planning vendor that emphasizes flexible and easy-to-configure solutions. This book only focuses on the supply planning functionality within their Smoothie product, which includes MRP and DRP.


JDA was started in 1978 and offers a wide variety of supply chain applications. JDA has 37 offices with 3,000 employees and is a combination of brands including i2 Technologies, Manugistics, E3, Intactix and Aurthur.


ToolsGroup offers unique probability-based supply chain planning (SCP) and inventory optimization solutions that allow companies to master even large, heterogeneous, or demanding supply chains. On the demand side, they incorporate best-of-breed demand modeling, order frequency forecasting, and demand sensing technology. On the supply side, they offer multi-echelon inventory optimization and replenishment planning.

Consensus Point

The leading provider of enterprise prediction markets serving corporation and governments. Consensus Point is one of the pioneers in implementing its software as a SaaS solution. The company helps customers reduce the risk of uncertainty; improve revenue through accurate forecasts of products and services.



Right90 powers the most accurate forecasts for large complex enterprises from the aspects of sales, region, finance, shipments over time, product, channel and global accounts. Right90 is very focused on sales forecasting, and on bias removal.


Inkling Markets

Inkling offers collective intelligence solutions to help organizations decrease operational and strategic risk. Inkling’s solutions, anchored by its collaborative predictions platform Inkling Markets, have been implemented by industry-leading corporations and government agencies worldwide.