MRP, DRP, Heuristic, Allocation and Optimization Vendor Profiles

MRP, DRP, Heuristic, Allocation and Optimization Supply Chain Software Vendor Profiles

The following supply chain enterprise software vendors are showcased in the SCM Focus supply chain planning book Supply Planning with MRP/DRP and APS Software.” Each of the vendors makes more than just software that creates the supply plan, however, this book showcases just their functionality in either MRP, DRP, heuristics, allocation or optimization for creating the supply plan. SAP has both its SAP ERP (MRP and DRP) product as well as its SAP SNP product showcased. PlanetTogether is as a system for creating the supply plan but is included in the book because of its excellent simulation functionality, and MatLab is showcased for its general optimization plug-in which can be used for many purposes but also applied to supply chain optimization.

Software Vendor Profiles


Barloworld has three hundred and fifty customers for its Supply Chain Planning and network planning tools, covering such industries as automotive, industrial, retail, wholesale and distribution. The Supply Chain Planning product set offers a focused Supply Chain Planning footprint.

Demand Works

Demand Works is a best-of-breed demand and supply planning vendor that emphasizes flexible and easy-to-configure solutions. This book only focuses on the supply planning functionality within their Smoothie product, which includes MRP and DRP.


JDA was started in 1978 and offers a wide variety of supply chain applications. JDA has thirty-seven offices with three thousand employees and has a combination of brands including i2 Technologies, Manugistics, E3, Intactix and Arthur.


(PlanetTogether’s software is not for supply planning but instead for production planning and scheduling. However, they have been included in this book to demonstrate principles of supply chain optimization.)

PlanetTogether, software developer of Galaxy APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling), enables manufacturers to eliminate spreadsheets and connect multi-plant operations for real-time visibility and collaboration.  Users report 50 percent reductions in inventory and labor costs, faster time-to-delivery, and a six-month return on investment. PlanetTogether serves nearly one hundred clients in process and discrete manufacturing in a broad range of vertical segments.


(MathWorks also does not make supply planning software, but its MATLAB product, along with its optimizer can serve as an external prototype environment) MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs 2200 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The book focuses on the optimizer plug in for MATLAB.


SAP is the largest enterprise software company in the world. They offer an enormous array of applications. This book focuses only on their supply planning functionality contained within SAP ERP (MRP and DRP)  and SAP APO SNP (heuristics, allocation and optimization).