How to Understand Brightwork MRP Consulting

What this Article Covers

  • What is Required for Supply Planning and MRP Consulting?
  • Combing Company Exposure and Writing for our MRP Consulting
  • Our MRP Testing


We have focused our supply planning and MRP consulting around the following high opportunity areas.

  1. Parameter Optimization (Things like Lot Sizing, Safety Stock, Reorder Points and Rounding Values) from the Overall Product Location Database Perspective
  2. Explanation of MRP (both in terms of its functions, but also in terms of its assumptions)
  3. Connecting the Dots in the Relationship Between Forecasting and Supply Planning
  4. Emphasizing the Lead Time Component

Combing Company Exposure and Writing for Our MRP Consulting

We have been able to gain exposure to many clients and see how they run MRP, and we have a strong appreciation for the common shortcomings in how companies employ MRP (as well as other supply planning methods like optimization). We combine this real-life exposure with the theory around MRP. Our observation is that most consulting work in MRP is in either systems or very much from the business perspective.

Our backgrounds combine both of these essential backgrounds, but in addition, we add extensive MRP testing experience. This allows us to figure out where the largest opportunities for improvement of MRP lay at any client.