How to Understand the Brightwork Software Category Analyses

Executive Summary

  • Brightwork Research & Analysis covers multiple categories of enterprises software.
  • Before reading each vendor or application area, start by reviewing our analysis of the software category.


Each category analysis provides an overview of the basic features of the software category. This includes:

  • The problem that the software is designed to address.
  • How applications in a particular category tend to be designed.
  • An explanation of the history of the software category.
  • How the category is related to other enterprise software categories.
  • Major trends in each category.
Software CategoryLink
Big ERPBig ERP Category Analysis
Small and Medium ERPSmall and Medium ERP Category Analysis
Category AnalysisFinancial Application Category Analysis
PLMPLM Category Analysis
Demand PlanningDemand Planning Category Analysis
Supply PlanningSupply Planning Category Analysis
Product Planning and SchedulingProduction Planning Category Analysis
BI HeavyBI Heavy Category Analysis
BI LightBI Light Category Analysis
CRMCRM Category Analysis

Software Selection

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