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  • Brightwork Research & Analysis delivers independent research and consulting services that help enterprises get the most out of SAP and Oracle technology.
  • Verification of information provided to software buyers by SAP, Oracle and their consulting ecosystem.

Background on Brightwork Research & Analysis

We offer unique services in the SAP and supply chain planning space. It all begins with honest advice you can trust.

Brightwork Research & Analysis brings 24 years of experience in software, including SAP and Oracle expertise, to enterprise clients looking for honest, vendor agnostic advice. Unlike nearly all entities that profess to do research in SAP and Oracle, we take no money from SAP or Oracle. Essentially all entities that provide information on SAP are either SAP funded or financially tied to SAP such as being an SAP partner. See our analysis of Forrester’s SAP study as examples of this common problem.

We help businesses with a variety of needs, including resolving challenges with clients’ existing technology stack, providing guidance on new software selection, pricing and negotiating advice, product evaluation and evaluating the information provided by consulting firms, Gartner and SAP and Oracle as well as delivering solutions for customized applications. As an example, nearly all the advice on cloud coming from SAP and Oracle and their consulting ecosystem is of horrendous in quality. We help companies navigate these types of information quality problems.

Would You Like to Stay Out of Manholes?

We have the highest accuracy in enterprise software, you can directly compare our accuracy versus SAP. Around the world, companies implement applications that will most likely fail or not work out because they are not told information that we know about them.

We do not see other entities helping this situation.

  • Consulting companies normally only seek to bill hours.
  • Gartner and Forrester do not perform detailed research into what works and what doesn’t and have massive vendor conflicts of interest.

This is tantamount to falling into manhole covers that are left uncovered. We can keep your projects out of the manhole.

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What We Offer

1. Executive Briefing

This is a briefing in a subject area of interest that we cover.

2. Material Discovery

Providing material to reference on a subject area of interest.

3. Market Strategy

What other market participants are doing in your area in order to get a broader picture.

4. “Wingman Support”

Support during meetings where you require support from an area that we cover.

5. Product Assessments

This can be performed for a software product or for a consulting offering.


“It was clear to me throughout that his first priority was to serve his clients’ best interests. I highly recommend Shaun’s company and value his opinions.”
-William Tonetti, President at Demand Works Co.


“[Brightwork] provided solid analysis of solutions for some of our key processes as we transitioned onto a new platform.”
-Laurie Stivers, Data Governance Manager at Cardinal Health


“Working with [Brightwork] is always productive and easy — I highly recommend [Shaun] for your next project or research.”
-Cees Molenaar, National Account Manager – Database Performance Monitoring Consultant


“[Shaun] has a deep and mature knowledge of this space shared by only a few other professionals.”
-Jeff Bodenstab, Marketing at ToolsGroup

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  • Questions About This Area?

    The software space is controlled by vendors, consulting firms and IT analysts who often provide self-serving and incorrect advice at the top rates.

    • We have a better track record of being correct than any of the well-known brands.
    • If this type of accuracy interests you, tell us your question below.


If we look at the IT media entities, they accept SAP’s proposal that all applications work. There is no questioning as to any IT media entity going back and reviewing which SAP applications that were introduced with some fanfare worked out and which didn’t.

This leads to a sort of shocking conclusion that the media entities simply get all of their information from SAP. An analyst like Gartner does, on the contrary, speak with a huge number of SAP customers. However, they do not publish much of these observations regarding the overall view of a vendor. They may tell clients in private sessions.

But this means that fundamental analysis — like the analysis in this article just not being done. We have economists giving virtually no coverage to enterprise software. IT media being paid to repeat messages from software vendors and focusing very strongly on new introductions (rather than what happens after). Then we have IT analysts who don’t appear to get into areas outside of ratings (at least much outside of). However, ratings are only one type of analysis that needs to be performed. If a company is going to choose to use a vendor, they need to know the overall picture and not in such a limited dimension. 

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The Standard Answer to the Question

The common answer to this question is the following:

  • Pay the standard IT analysts
  • Hire an SAP consulting company.
  • Attend ASUG conferences.

The Real Story

Unfortunately, none of these are good ways to find out the real story.

  • From IT Analysts: As most of the IT analysts receive large sums of money from SAP, they have to be careful how much truth they tell.
  • From SAP Consulting Company: SAP consulting companies exist to bill hours for SAP resources. As such, they are normally pro any implementation they can get. This means they paper over the real experiences that they have exposure to. We have extensive research on this, but the messaging of SAP consulting companies is very close to a duplicate of that offered by SAP itself.
  • From ASUG Conferences: ASUG started its life as a user group, but is now a pawn of SAP. They serve as an outlet for SAP marketing. This is covered in a number of articles at Brightwork, but one example of this is ASUG’s Inability to Challenge SAP’s Predictions.

We have a history of challenging SAP, and of being right. This is something you can put to use within your company immediately to begin improving how you manage your IT budget to get more out of it.

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We have been the most vocal and consistent critic of the information generally available in the IT media space. We cover this topic in depth in articles like Understanding the Enterprise Software Market, How to Best Understand SAP’s Control of IT Media.

A major difference between Brightwork and any SAP consulting company or a Gartner or Forrester is that we don’t take money from SAP. This one major reason why our analysis of SAP is so much more accurate than Gartner or Forrester. And we have the articles to prove that claim.

Our view is that you cannot make good decisions if you listen to biased sources. In fact, this is the central premise of our book Rethinking Enterprise Software Risk. Gartner, Forrester, and others refuse to choose whose interests they represent. We represent the interests of decision makers.

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Our focus in on providing more accurate information to clients on SAP.

We offer anything from remote advice and walkthroughs of our research to on in site consulting projects where we perform detailed analysis of customer’s environments.

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