• We analyze research and advisement information, bringing to light problems and inaccurate information contained in consulting advice research and what to do about it.

Introductory Video

See our introductory video below. 


IT Consulting Firm Information Evaluation

IT consulting firms provide advisory information that is primarily centered around their lines of business rather than what is true.

IT Analyst Information Evaluation

IT analysts often are paid by vendors to produce not research but marketing collateral.

Software Vendor Information Evaluation

Normally companies do not use entities that are unconnected to the software vendor to evaluate the information provided by vendors.

Total Cost of Ownership and Risk Analysis

Neither vendors nor consulting firms want TCO or risk properly calculated. See our TCO method and calculators.

Science and Medical

Medical Research Analysis

The information available on medical treatments now does not reflect the scientific literature and research fraud by pharma companies is normalized and endorsed by FDA and EU Public Health. See our test project that analyzes the literature to come to independent conclusions.

Scientific Research Information Evaluation

Scientific research comes with increasingly high amounts of financial bias. The NIH is a perfect example of this, where published research contradicts the funding and public health policy.

The Outcome of Terrible and Financially Biased Research & Advice

The result is enormous sums are wasted every year by companies that follow the advice of companies in all of these areas.

This video accurately describes the advisory model in the IT space. However, the same model with the same inaccurate information applies to other areas of advisement as well.

Who Are We Referring To?

The biggest best known and most respected companies are the primary culprits providing this poor quality information. They not only waste money, but they provide what is in most cases advice that leads to more waste which must be logically added to their fees to estimate the total waste level.

Other Specialties

In addition to the evaluation of information produced by other entities, we provide other specific services.

SaaS Licensing and Advisement for Business Departments

Increasing amounts of enterprise software are purchased and managed by business departments rather than IT. We advise in this area.

Expert Witness Service

We use our research and implementation experience to support expert witness cases for software.

IT Licensing and Negotiation

Most IT negotiators and negotiation firms know little about technology. We bring deep research and technology understanding to IT licensing and negotiation.

SaaS Vendor Management

SaaS vendor management allows business departments to access our vendor knowledge.

When you are suspicious of the research or advice you are getting, and want a truly independent analysis — that is the right time to contact us.

About Us

We have important features that allow us to do what we say earlier in this page. They include the following factors.

Our Independence

One of our biggest selling points is our independence from influence by other entities.

Are We Smarter?

This explains how we have made predictions that the largest entities in space have gotten wrong.

Our Accuracy

We have a strong track record we measure and can demonstrate this accuracy.

For Vendors Who See Us as a Sales Funnel

Many vendors see us as a marketing front end. This explains why we aren’t.

Hiring Us

As you can see, if you have made it this far, it is challenging to obtain accurate information from the entities listed above.

  • Virtually all of the research, consulting, and advice that can be purchased is aligned with established interests.
  • If you have purchased research or consulting information, we can be hired to evaluate and provide our analysis. We can provide a number of different types of analyses of the material that will enhance your decision-making abilities and help moderate the influence of the types of poor quality information that we have profiled in this article.
  • We can also be hired to investigate topics and perform original research on technology topics.

How to Get in Contact With Us

  • If you liked a research or analysis article on our site, we can also be hired to either preform new research or to  review and validate information provided to you by consulting firms, scientific research, IT analysts, and other advisory and research entities. 
  • Contact us with the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of this website or text us at...

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