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  • Our Term of Service
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Our Term of Service

Brightwork Research and Analysis stores two types of data. One is emails that are collected through a form that website visitors fill out asking to be contacted about research and consulting from Brightwork. Another is information communicated to Brightwork Research and Analysis which is information from the field on the policies of software vendors and other project related information which is private.

All such data arising from such communications is kept private. Brightwork does not trade, sell or otherwise disclose information that it receives. In some cases, articles are published based upon information communicated to us, but this is only after the source has approved the publication of such information and after it has been sanitized to remove the markers of its origin.

Brightwork has a number of relationships, but no formal partnerships with any entity.

Brightwork Research

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    We provide customized research in a broad range of topics ranging from SAP questions, validating information provided by SAP sales reps, competitive intelligence for vendors, indirect access and project analysis. We offer the most experienced and extensive research in the areas we cover with no vendor bias.

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