How Accurate Was SAP on ByDesign Being Used With HANA?

Executive Summary

  • What SAP said about ByDesign being used with HANA.
  • What happened with ByDesign on HANA?

Video Introduction: What SAP Said About ByDesign Being Used With HANA

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In 2014 Bill McDermott was quoted in multiple outlets stating the following – quote – ByDesign is still part of our product portfolio. We now have ByDesign on SAP HANA, which is absolutely a game changer because everything is faster and better on HANA, as you know. This statement was made after 2013 when ByDesign was briefly discontinued before it was for some reason given a new lease on life. The combination of ByDesign with HANA made little sense as ByDesign is a low cost ERP system, while HANA is the most expensive database in its category. You will learn about SAP’s accuracy on ByDesign.

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What Actually Happened with ByDesign Being Used With HANA?

Companies that use ByDesign do not use it with HANA. McDermott’s statement makes little sense because ByDesign is SAP’s midmarket hosted solution (it is not cloud for several reasons, one being it is not multi-tenant). The types of customers who purchase ByDesign are not the same customers who would buy HANA, a costly database. We covered this in the article Is S/4HANA Actually Designed for the Cloud?

So, what SAP did was to installed HANA as the database for ByDesign simply. However, why was this done? The customers did not need this because ByDesign is a very low-performance need application. This was done to market HANA for other purposes. Indeed, customers would not have been willing to pay SAP for HANA.

Curiously, SAP refuses even to certify DB2 Blu or Oracle 12C or SQL Server for S/4HANA. They are all superior databases to HANA, yet they went to the effort to port ByDesign to HANA even though the tiny number of customers that would be interested in such a thing could have been easily predicted.

Conclusion and Calculation

SAP receives a 25% accuracy rating on ByDesign Being Used with HANA. Yes, SAP migrated ByDesign to HANA, but there was no need for this, and it can be viewed as a marketing ploy. This is because it was unnecessary. It is not so much for ByDesign as it was a PR stunt for other applications.

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