How Accurate Was SAP on S/4HANA Not Being Free for ECC Customers?

Executive Summary

  • For years SAP has stated that SAP’s integrated suite offers a lower TCO.
  • In this article, we review the accuracy of this claim. 

What SAP Said About S/4HANA Not Being Free for ECC Customers?

SAP frequently stated that S/4HANA was so much better and so much more innovative than ECC that, in SAP’s words, S/4HANA was the logical successor, but not the legal successor to ECC. This meant that S/4HANA would not be covered by the standard support contract terms that allowed a customer to upgrade to the most recent application version.

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The Truth About S/4HANA’s Changes and Innovation?

S/4HANA has a new database schema, and its code has been rewritten, but it is simply not possible to view S/4HANA as a “new” application. ECC is with some housekeeping changes that are more internally focused than things that the customer will notice. Secondly, it does not use Fiori (the new UI) nearly as much as it uses the same old SAPGUI. Analysis of the code between ECC and S/4HANA shows a 90%+ overlap between the two systems. How can such an overlap translate into S/4HANA being considered an entirely new product for upgrade reasons?

It is illogical.

Conclusion and Calculation

SAP receives a 0% accuracy rating for defining S/4HANA as so new and different from ECC that it is not covered as a standard upgrade to ECC customers current on their support.

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