How to Win the Cloud Jackpot

Executive Summary

  • The database is being commoditized and this has a significant effect on Oracle.
  • This article covers the implications of this commoditization.


The first wave of cloud computing commoditized hardware. The second is moving quickly up the stack to software. Prime target: database.

Five years ago, worldwide database spend looked like this: Oracle leads, no AWS.

And today..

Microsoft beats Oracle 3 years in a row mostly with SQL Azure. AWS ahead of SAP and IBM edging on Oracle.

What’s different about a database as a fully-managed service?

Just like cloud storage and compute, the manufacturer doesn’t matter. SLA does. We don’t care HOW service providers achieve 99% availability. That’s their job, not ours. A database service is no different than any other microservice. If a provider switches overnight from an Oracle microservice to any SLA-compliant microservice running Redshift or MariaDB, nobody notices and nobody cares.

What’s the upside for customers?

You no longer need as many in-house DBAs. The fully loaded cost of an Oracle DBA is $120,000 per year. Labor is typically 60% of overall IT spend. The savings are substantial.

When the database is fully managed by the provider, you no longer need vendor tech support. Drop the 22% M&S annual fees and save BIG. You also save the annual 20% M&S on hardware and storage. That’s another 42% savings off your overall IT spend every single year!

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