Brightwork Comparison and Scoring of Bare Metal Servers

Last Updated on May 17, 2019 by Shaun Snapp


This is one of three modalities of server management as covered in the article Bare Metal Versus Virtualization Versus Containers.


Each of the criteria is rated below for this server modality.

Virtualization Criteria Descriptions

The criteria of the virtualization description.
The CriteriaCriteria Definition
1. Hardware UtilizationThis is how effectively loads can be optimized for the hardware.
2. IsolationThis is how the various applications and databases are isolated from others.
3. SecurityThis is how natural the security level is. This is without adding extra security products and therefore is the inherent security level of each security modality.
4. Network and SecurityThis relates to the modalities impact on both the network and the security of the network.
5. FlexibilityThis is how much the applications and databases that are supported by the server modality can be copied, moved, brought up, brought down, and otherwise manipulated by the administrator.
6. Configuration EaseThis is how much technical expertise is required to configure the environment.
7. Ease of BackupHow easily can backups be created for each server modality?
8. ScalabilityThis is how effectively the applications and databases that are supported by the server modality can be increased in size as well as decreased in size.
9. MigratabilityHow easily can the applications and databases be moved within the server, as well as moved to other hardware servers or to the cloud?
10. Cross PlatformHow easily can the container or VM can be moved from one OS to another.