The Brightwork Comparison and Scoring of Databases

Executive Summary

  • This is our database rating introduction page.
  • Our database ratings score database among what we consider to be the most important criteria.


These ratings were developed to provide a comprehensive scoring system for those interested in selecting databases.

Interpreting the Ratings

These ratings cannot be read as simply choosing the database with the highest combined rating. For example, PostgreSQL might be the database with the highest combined rating, but it only has certain areas where it is appropriate.

The Fit with Requirements

IT departments generally have far more options than they can analyze. There are many issues to mix and match including the current skills for different databases, the time necessary to test and stand up databases the IT department is unfamiliar with, etc.. Historically, IT departments have kept the databases used to a minimum, and they have tried to force the requirements to the database, with a strong emphasis on relational databases. This will not be an effective strategy in the future, as there is far more choice in the database market, and each database category is so clearly superior for its type of processing versus general databases. This comparison is designed to help readers make sense of these many different databases.

The Databases