Executive Summary

  • The Brightwork Explorer can be implemented quickly in part because of its simplicity.
  • We cover how Brightwork Explorer can be implemented so quickly.


It would be impossible to imagine how a supply chain application could be implemented faster than the Brightwork Explorer.

  1. First, there is no license. You must be approved to use Brightwork Explorer, but there is nothing to buy. Access (but no support if it is required) is free. Brightwork Explorer is not normal software in that it does not seek to replace other systems but rather to make them work better.
  2. Second, Brightwork Explorer does not need to be integrated into the ERP system or external planning system because its use is a periodic process.
  3. Third, Brightwork Explorer works off of simple files that can be easily exported from any ERP system.
  4. Brightwork Explorer is minimally invasive. It will change fields in your ERP system that control supply planning. It will give you the information you need to improve your existing forecasting system.

Eventually, a simple adapter can be created, but nothing can prevent your company from using Brightwork Explorer within weeks of gaining access. Unlike many applications that pretend to be multi-tenant SaaS, Brightwork Explorer is fully multi-tenant. It has no cancellation terms (there is no charge to access the software), nothing to get in the way.

Applications can be designed to be implemented quickly or to take a longer time. We have designed the Brightwork Explorer to be fast to implement and to deliver value quickly.