These are the services we offer.

Service #1: Expert Witness Service

We use our research and implementation experience to support expert witness cases for software. For attorneys to develop their legal documents, they require input documents. The thoroughness, insight, and clarity of these input documents are critical to the attorneys being able to do their jobs.

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Service #2: SAP, Oracle Microsoft, and Salesforce Many Other Vendor Provided Information Verification and Negotiation Support

Software vendors and consulting firms provide a large quantity of false information to software buyers both during the sales stage and also during the implementation.

We provide software buyers with far higher accuracy than either vendors or their partnered consulting firms on what part of the information provided by these entities is likely to be true and which areas are most likely false.

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Service #3: Software License Pricing

We provide software license pricing estimation and pricing documentation to be shared with software vendors for quotation and auditing for clients supporting many software vendors.

It’s better for software buyers to have us perform the analysis and interact with the software vendor rather than doing what vendor reps want, which is to provide their “consultive approach,” which normally results in unnecessary purchases. Another problem with how software vendors present pricing information is that they normally make the emphasis only the initial purchase price and sometimes the implementation rather than the comprehensive costs of the software.

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Service #4: Software License Auditing

We provide software usage tool selection, license analysis, and analysis of the comparison between licenses and usage.

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Service #5: Software Selection Support

We have participated in many software selection efforts and are experts at matching client requirements to software functionality. While the major ERP vendors will propose that their software can do it all “out of the box,” their software can’t, and this is a major area where we add value. The reason is we provide a less biased and more realistic analysis of what the ERP system will be able to cover and what needs to be performed by other applications or custom development.

Correctly identifying what areas the ERP system can cover and which are better picked up by other systems is one of the most important determinants of the allocation of resources and the success of ERP projects.

We have matched so many client requirements to different applications and databases that this is normally quite fast for us.

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Service #6: Evaluation of IT Advisory or Consulting Firm-Provided Information

Consulting companies produce enormous amounts of highly questionable information on an annual basis. Most of this information is designed to set the consulting company up to sell more billing hours than they are focused on presenting information that is true.

We evaluate the information of consulting companies and estimate its accuracy, which is usually very low. The financial bias and analysis quality of consulting companies is of such poor quality that it is virtually impossible for us not to return much more than our fee to the consulting company’s client.

This type of project can be performed in the background without the consulting firm knowing we are analyzing their material.

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Our Anti-Consulting Company Project Approach

Consulting companies normally show up on-site and waste a lot of time. All of the major consulting firms (Accenture, Deloitte, etc...) and the smaller ones work this same way. Here are the problems they have with working efficiency. 

First, the more senior people do little work outside of managing the relationship and the resources.

Second, the initial project is directed toward getting future work as much as completing the work for which you hired them. We learned from subcontracting to consulting companies not to follow this low client-value approach.

We are a researched entity and have no salespeople or partners. The same people you talk to initially do the work, and we have no young resources the experienced resources delegate work to.

We also keep costs reasonable and improve efficiency by performing the project remotely.

As a whole, this means that a much higher percentage of the hours we bill are productive hours. This also results in us consuming much less of the time of your internal resources.

Contacting Us

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