Replacing Best Fit in SAP DP?

What this Article Covers

  • The Dirty Secret of SAP DP
  • Why Replace Your Best Fit Functionality in DP?
  • Operationalizing the Brightwork Explorer Best Fit to SAP DP


SAP DP is a popular forecasting application. However, it has a secret.

SAP DP’s Dirty Secret

Its best fit functionality falls apart when run in production. SAP and SAP consultants that work for consulting companies, hide this fact from customers. The upshot is that companies that use SAP DP normally have a broken best fit procedure. That is in effect they do not have best fit operational.

Our Approach

For years we have been replacing best fit in DP with better and lower maintenance approaches. The problem is that all of the current applications require you to purchase a new application to create a best fit. It means that companies that have invested in DP, and that have planners that are already comfortable using DP have to perform an entirely new implementation of another forecasting product, and then the users need to be retrained on the new application.

All of these issues limit the number of companies that can reasonably be expected to replace the best fit procedure in DP.

This is why we decided to add best fit to Brightwork Explorer and to make it easy to use. Once best fit is run in Brightwork Explorer, the results can be imported into DP.

However, we are working on providing best fit functionality for free that can be used to permanently disable the problematic best fit that comes with SAP DP.

Operationalizing the Brightwork Explorer Best Fit to SAP DP

The trick is that companies run best fit using Brightwork Explorer for free. These companies can then perform the assignments between the product location combinations and the forecast methods in something called the Process Chain in DP.

In fact, we will offer services around this, and it is one of the best ways to use DP.


After many years of consulting in DP, we can say with great confidence that…

  1. SAP DP works best when customers don’t attempt to access any of its more complex functionality.
  2. The companies that do the worst with SAP try to enable its complex functionality, thinking that they will be the ones to “get it to work.”
  3. Best fit in SAP has major design issues, particularly related to maintenance
  4. Bottom line is that it consumes too many resources to get to work.

For over a decade SAP made excuses for SAP DP saying that the fault with was users or that a new version of APO would solve the problem. Now APO is no longer being developed, so there is no further development that will occur with best in DP. SAP is telling companies to move to IBP.

Don’t overwhelm your IT department or the business with trying to troubleshoot and maintain DP best fit! DP best fit is well known problematic piece of functionality when there is such a straightforward way of improving it.

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