Brightwork Explorer and Safety Stock Calculation

What This Article Covers

  • The Problem with Safety Stock Calculation
  • Our Solution
  • Getting the Overview of Safety Stock as Integrated with Other Factors

Losing your mind with safety stock calculation? You don’t have to, now you can our online tool that has a better dynamic safety stock calculation that simplifies and systematizes the calculation and the management. 


Safety stock is designed to buffer variability on the demand side as well as the supply side and is to be consistent with the service level targets of the company.

The Problem with Safety Stock Calculation

What was laid out above is the principle, but the problem is that the standard safety stock formula is unusable. In fact, there are no studies that demonstrate that the dynamic safety stock formula is used in companies — even though it continues to be taught and is frequently discussed. Yet safety stock cannot rationally be calculated in isolation from other factors in the supply chain.

How is nearly always calculated (when it is calculated at all)…that is right, in isolation for each product location. 

Our Solution

Having found the problems with safety stock management to be consistent over decades of reviewing supply planning systems, we developed a modification to the standard safety stock formula that works much better. However, calculating a safety stock for a product location in isolation of all the other product locations makes no sense.

Getting the Overview of Safety Stock as Integrated with Other Factors

Safety stock should not be calculated in a vacuum, because companies cannot carry any level of stock — there are limits not only in the inventory that can be carried but in the storage space among other factors. Without accounting for these limits in the calculation, the values will need to manually adjusted to bring them into line with the constraints.


All of this is why with the Brightwork MRP & S&OP Explorer the calculation of safety stock values can be checked against the summed totals of the inventory constraints all while being consistent with the service levels set for the various product groupings.

This is safety stock calculation in the most integrated way possible.

  • Need an Easy to Use Way to Tune Forecasting and MRP Systems?

    We are close to releasing Brightwork Explorer, a new SaaS application which makes forecasting and MRP systems. Highlights include the following:

    • It contains our customized dynamic safety stock calculation, tuned after finding the limitations of the standard calulators.
    • It provides multi constraint visibility.
    • Has an amazing ease of use combined with sophistication.
    • It can provide visibility to tradeoffs related to service level and inventory in the most direct way we have ever seen in any application....and much more
    • It is free to use until it receives "serious usage" and is free to academics, students.

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