Get Access to Software From a Research Entity

Executive Summary

  • The Brightwork Explorer is one of the only software applications that was begun by a research entity.
  • This article covers the advantage of being based on this research focus.


We are a fully functioning research entity focusing on SAP and supply chain planning. We can tell you how your supply chain statistics compare against other companies.

We also are very heavily into data science. This means that when we are analyzing your data, we provide you with great data science insights into your data. All that you need to have us begin doing this work is to upload the data to our system. We take that data and make magic with it. We distribute our data science analytics in a way that is unique in the supply chain software category.

  • Need an Easy to Use Way to Tune Forecasting and MRP Systems?

    Highlights of the Brightwork Explore include the following:

    • It contains our customized dynamic safety stock calculation, tuned after finding the limitations of the standard calulators.
    • It provides multi constraint visibility.
    • Has an amazing ease of use combined with sophistication.
    • It can provide visibility to tradeoffs related to service level and inventory in the most direct way we have ever seen in any application....and much more

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