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Executive Summary

  • This article contains comments from the articles on the problems with US torture.


These comments are in response to the articles on the problem with US torture.

Comment #1: From Hons Student

“On the conservatives the British tories have announced a new policy for individuals o become more selfish regarding torture there is a fine Scottish professor Hugh McLachlan a philosopher and researcher of ethics and I am on his side when it comes to torture , not all torture is justifiable but some is , when its not for profiteering say for instance your child had been abducted but your apprehended the person responsible, and you know if you don’t get to your child they will be killed .in this case torture is justifiable and it may be argued morally right to get the child to a safe place. so you have to be careful of what you term bad, wrong ,unjustifieable, but the vast proportion of people would agree that in most circumstances torture is wrong and so torture to obtain information that has been covertly planted ie you know what there telling you as you where the ones that started the whisper is morally and unjustifiable.”

Right. However, if you check what conservatives support torture for, it is seldom warranted. The US, under a conservative administration, was torturing taxi cab drivers in Abu Ghraib. They torture those that oppose US wars on moral grounds. Dick Cheney delighted in designing torture, and in this way, he is a lot like Stalin, who personally oversaw the creation of death lists. All this gimmicky stuff where a terrorist has a bomb somewhere in New York and the brave FBI agents have 30 minutes to get it from him never happens, except in Die Hard movies. Furthermore, the US has obtained mountains of false information from torture. The US has a lot of terrible foreign policies that rightfully make a lot of people hate us. For conservatives, however, America is “exceptional,” and no rules apply to us. So killing a million Iraqis….great. Making people disappear, fine… it’s all for the preservation of our freedom. Of course, other people’s freedom is irrelevant. There is no level we won’t stoop to that some conservative won’t support using some perverted logic. The fact is we perpetuate a lot more terror on others than we receive. There are a lot of people worth torturing, but most of them are not Muslim. I would say most of them would be people who worked in the Bush Administration and many well-educated white men who work on Wall Street.

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