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Here are questions or comments on the Brightwork articles on this topic.

Comment #1

Thanks for the Article on South Africa. I’ve lived through this and what is clear in my own country of South Africa is that blacks consistently over populate themselves into more and more povĂ©rty.

This has happened in the US as well. There were roughly 305,000 slaves brought from Africa, and there are now close to 40M blacks in the US (although more have come through immigration.) It is renowned throughout Africa. When birth control is taken to African nations, it is often rejected as a plot to limit their populations. Many African cultures still see it as a sign of status and how many children a man can have.

There is a lack of appreciation of the problems overpopulation brings.

The system of education here is western, the farming communities all have strong western development models of agriculture. The ANC believes it’s a skin colour issue and that you can replace white with black and disregard all the structures of successful generational economies of white society.

Yes, the ANC has very little technical skill or appreciation for technical skills, and this is a problem in agriculture and maintaining SA’s power and water infrastructure.

And now they have wasted the money, stolen from State coffers and keep banging there same terrible story about white people…. I guess they next on the circus of international list of political fools very much like Mugabe.

The concept of the ANC was a “rainbow nation,” which would be color blind, but it has devolved into a black takeover. Free speech is censored if it does not meet the ANC’s approval, leading to a steep decline in the SA’s universities. As the commenter states, this is a similar disaster to Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe. Even after the blacks’ takeover, their inability to make progress or fulfill promises lead them to scapegoat whites.

I view SA as a canary in the coal mine. The US is not only becoming less white, but you can see a similar type of anti-white language permeating the culture that permeates SA society.

That all said, I am an international thought leader in agriculture technology and finance technology to address poverty. I am looking for ways to get more exposure as well as be connected with people who want to help make great projects happen.

Interesting. I wonder if this person still lives in South Africa.

Comment #2

Why do blacks move here from africa and muslim nations then cry racism? They move into white areas? Why arent they moving into black areas? Why do white who are 87 different cultures and most have never been outside north america have to be made to feel guilty for what happened to some orf their people by other whites. heck. Why cant they be responsible and build up their community without our help? My family is 3 cultures here 410 years and we never blame other races for things that happen to us its just called life! My one side is Acadia 80% were killed here and the rest were deported from Canada that did not happen to any black people. Irish were slaves for hundreds of years and Europe were slaves for 1000 years called serfs!

This is an essential inconsistency that American blacks do not want anyone to figure out. This is part of race scamming, which is to perpetually complain about treatment in white countries while at the same time perpetually moving to white countries or moving to white areas within predominantly white countries. Blacks know that they cannot be successful without leveraging white societies. Imagine Lebron James being as successful as he has become in an all-black society like the Caribbean of Africa. It is simply impossible. When blacks talk about “white privilege, ” they mean to take the benefits that whites receive from living in all-white societies and bestow those benefits to blacks while externalizing the many negative features of black societies to the whites in those societies. The primary way to accomplish this is to propose that all of their limitations are caused by whites and must be addressed by whites. Looking at what blacks in the US say about everything from schools to policing, the constant accusation is that those institutions are “failing them.” They never point out that these things are drastically inferior in all black-run countries and that these institutions worked fine before the demographic in the area became black.

Blacks cannot understand why they cannot have white outcomes, because they have been told they are the same as whites, and it is considered rude and “racist” to explain to them they are different. When MLK talked about his “dream,” he was fundamentally proposing a partially impossible goal — which is that blacks would have identical outcomes to whites. The part of the goal that has in many places in the US become accepted is white and black children playing together. However, this playing together will result in a large number of white pregnancies by black male children. The objective when blacks are around whites is to infiltrate their societies and to improve themselves through their association with whites. Blacks secretly desire the things that white societies produce, which they cannot produce on their own, and which they can only attain through guilt tripping whites into handing over to them.

Any society that allows this, which the US has transitioned to accepting in many cities, will see its society degraded.

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