Did Brightwork Have an Ax to Grind on HANA?

Executive Summary

  • It was proposed that on our HANA analysis, we had an ax to grind.
  • How accurately did our projections end up being, and how sharp was this ax?


We received the claim that we had an ax to grind with SAP in the article SAP Layoffs and a Warning on HANA? This was a constant feature of the response to our HANA coverage from SAP resources. However, as time has worn on, HANA’s proponents have been exposed as providing false information about HANA. You will learn about some SAP consultants’ claim that Brightwork coverage of SAP is not due to objective analysis but because we have an ax to grind.

Our References for This Article

If you want to see our references for this article and other related Brightwork articles, see this link.

Notice of Lack of Financial Bias: We have no financial ties to SAP or any other entity mentioned in this article.

  • This is published by a research entity, not some lowbrow entity that is part of the SAP ecosystem. 
  • Second, no one paid for this article to be written, and it is not pretending to inform you while being rigged to sell you software or consulting services. Unlike nearly every other article you will find from Google on this topic, it has had no input from any company's marketing or sales department. As you are reading this article, consider how rare this is. The vast majority of information on the Internet on SAP is provided by SAP, which is filled with false claims and sleazy consulting companies and SAP consultants who will tell any lie for personal benefit. Furthermore, SAP pays off all IT analysts -- who have the same concern for accuracy as SAP. Not one of these entities will disclose their pro-SAP financial bias to their readers. 

The Comment

“Basically, SAP is pulling the plug on everything developed in house since 2011. Literally everything. It’s all going open-source on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Billy boy is in trouble. He’s trying to divert attention away from all the crap they built since he came along. He’s now calling Qualtrics the “crown jewel of SAP”. What happened to HANA?

Who cares.

Funny, they killed Vora and some guy is still talking about Vora on LI.

Remember Fiori? Remember our evaluations on SCP and how its still using http 1.1 instead of 2.0? All killed dead.

Where did all the SAP “experts” we debated go? They attacked us and said we had an axe to grind. Until SAP grinded their ass. I can’t feel any sympathy for them. Sorry but I don’t.” – Ahmed Azmi

Our Answer

They are gone like the wind! And you are right…who cares about all of the false claims made about HANA, as we covered in When Articles Exaggerate HANA’s Benefits.

Let us talk about Qualtrics!

For a while, we thought the most important thing in the world was speeding reports — now it surveys. Who knows what it will be next quarter. Now Bill McDermott is paying Bob Evans to write PR releases about how great it was that SAP got robbed on the Qualtrics acquisition, as we covered in How Bob Evans Enables PR Placements as Real Looking Articles for SAP.

The next quarterly call should be fun, but unfortunately, the Wall Street analysts are so out of it they won’t know what questions to ask. The ax that we had to grind (which no one explained what that ax was exactly) turned out to be quite accurate.

Perhaps we should be accused of having a scalpel to sharpen instead of an ax.


SAP consultants want readers to only get information from “SAP approved sources” that receive SAP funding. This includes nearly all of IT media, Forrester, Gartner, IDC, and many more. Brightwork is one of the only entities and the only research entity that provides SAP coverage but receives no funding from SAP and has no relationship with SAP. We also have the best history of accuracy on predicting SAP, far more accurate than even SAP, which you can verify in the article A Study into the Accuracy of SAP. As SAP aligned resources can’t critique our accuracy and can’t critique the fact that we receive no income from any vendor, they have decided to come up with assertions for which they never provide any evidence. One of these is the “ax to grind” argument.