Did Pharmaceutical Companies Increase Introduce the IU To Scare People?

Executive Summary

  • IU was introduced by the pharmaceutical companies, but with an intent that is not acknowledged, which is to make supplementation levels seem much higher.


Pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment have a long history of diminishing natural substances. And this is the introduction of the International Units or IUs.

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When IUs Were Introduced

Supplements like Vitamin D have been and continue to be a problem for pharmaceutical companies. They are very inexpensive but are highly effective in preventing health problems. Therefore, the medical establishment needed to do something to scare the population away from taking them.

20 mg’s of Vitamin D in the 1920’s becomes 1,000,000 IU’s in the 1930’s IU is just a standard drug measurement like an inch is to length…it stands for International Units and means nothing more -later (after the first edition of this book) I learned that supposedly IU’s were invented by Big Pharma to confuse the public to prevent them from taking high dose Vitamin D3 instead of Big Pharma’s expensive drugs (20 mg’s of D3 = 1,000,000 IU’s! )– Bowles, Jeff T. 

Reducing the Dosage to Try to Undermine the Supplement

Another common strategy of pharmaceutical companies is to run studies with dosage levels that are too low to have an impact, and then report that the supplement is ineffective. A case study of this is explained in the following quotation.

Later note- a recent study was publicized on the news suggesting that Vitamin D3 supplementation (very low dose) with calcium did not help women with osteoporosis-just as my theory would predict. However they did not use a high dose so maybe the dosing was the problem. Until higher D3 dose studies are done, I am extremely comfortable saying I am right.