Does Anthem Have So Many Indians It is Now Indian Anthem?

Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • One US company after another has been infiltrated with Indians.
  • Indian….or that is Anthem is just the latest to become a hotbed for Indian discrimination and nepotism.


Stories keep coming from all over the US and Europe about companies that have had large parts taken over. What follows is always the same, discrimination against non-Indians (and preference for Indian family members, etc.

Another example of this is from Anthem.

Anthem….or Indian Anthem?

See the following quotation from a person with information from within Anthem.

Under that nice-guy almost “indentured/servant” exterior is a ruthless people whose main focus is to replace American workers.



My last job was with Anthem, a major Health Care company that is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield association. The IT department at Anthem was 98% indian ! I’m not talking about 4-5 programmers, I’m talking about 300-500 programmers and the related fields. They mostly bullshited their way by pretending they were working, meanwhile the “Outsource Team” which was based in India did all of the work.  Those guys were getting paid something like $5 an hour,  but worked around the clock. The rules for them were stringent,  almost slave-like. Sometimes I would call those guys on the phone and I could hear chickens, goats and sheep in the background. What really hurt was that they were lead by a sell-out American who made everything as comfortable as possible for them. Including days off for Holidays honoring their Gods and frequently ordered meals from the nearby Indian restaurant.


This story is essentially the same every time it is reported to us.

  • Indians across the US, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand can discriminate against non-Indians and feel confident that they can, and not run afoul of regulations.
  • Companies like TATA Consulting can have almost all of its employees be Indian even though they have a substantial presence outside of India as we cover in the article The Amazing Fact That 99.7% of Tata Consulting is Indian.
  • Indian firms, with the “look the other way” attitude of US companies, can bring bonded labor in the US as we cover in How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US, and those Indian firms can be confident that nothing will be done to enforce US law that states bonded labor is illegal.
  • Indian consulting firms can steal the wages of their employees as we cover in the article The Broad Scale Wage Theft by Tata Consulting and Infosys, and the Indian firms can be confident they will only get a slap on the wrist if caught.

Indians and Indian firms clearly have soft targets in European based countries, and they have absolutely no reason to stop their practices.