Does eBay Have So Many Indians It is Now Indian eBay?

Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • One US company after another has been infiltrated with Indians.
  • Indian….or that is eBay is just the latest to become a hotbed for Indian discrimination and nepotism.


Stories keep coming from all over the US and Europe about companies that have had large parts taken over. What follows is always the same, discrimination against non-Indians (and preference for Indian family members, etc.

Another example of this is from eBay.

eBay….or IndianBay?

This is what has occurred within eBay from on eBay insider.

Issue #1: Putting Diversity Ahead of Competence

An LGBT person was responsible for change control, women were being hired and promoted into spots for which they were not qualified. This led to many ineffective women who did not have their jobs due to competence.

Issue #2: Indians Hiring Relatives That Did Not Have the Skills and Did Not Actually Do the Work

And there were many many Indians. Indian wives were hired and the Indian men would do their work and thus collect two paychecks with one person.

Issue #3: Outsourced SAP Support to an Indian Firm

Most of the SAP Basis support was outsourced to “ACS.”

Issue #4: Terrible Indian Development Teams

eBay began to rely on terrible Indian developer teams, their management and the project managers did not seem to realize how low the quality of coding that was being performed by Indians actually was.

Issue #5: Accepting Indians Chain Hiring Other Indians

Indians that would come in, would often quickly bring other Indians with them.

Issue #6: Indians Placing Indian Consultants at eBay While Working at eBay

Indians would try to get Indian consultants placed while working at eBay.

Issue #7: Ruining Relationships with Vendors

We covered in the article The Problem With Indians as GateKeepers for US IT Purchases, that when an Indian is hired into procurement, they will often try to rig the purchases for personal benefit.

Those that managed vendors, would refuse to pay in some cases, and making vendors consider whether they should continue to do business with eBay.

Issue #8: Taking Credit for The Work of Others

Indians would routinely take credit or seek to take credit for the work of non-Indians at eBay.

The Decline of eBay

It should be noted that once a pioneer, eBay, has declined to the point where it is very rare to hear anyone discuss eBay.

eBay went from being a website for small sellers to being dominated by large sellers. That is, the original idea of eBay was corrupted, and eBay has just become a front end for very large sellers, with a few sellers just interspersed in with the large sellers. Furthermore, as eBay became more and more Indian, many US domestic workers found eBay less and less desirable as an employer.

This has been repeated at company after company in the US, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia.

However, when a company declines (say IBM as one example), IT media does not cover the story that the company was in part brought into decline by employing and relying on large numbers of Indian workers.


This story is essentially the same every time it is reported to us.

  • Indians across the US, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand can discriminate against non-Indians and feel confident that they can, and not run afoul of regulations.
  • Companies like TATA Consulting can have almost all of its employees be Indian even though they have a substantial presence outside of India, as we cover in the article The Amazing Fact That 99.7% of Tata Consulting is Indian.
  • Indian firms, with the “look the other way” attitude of US companies, can bring bonded labor in the US as we cover in How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US. Those Indian firms can be confident that nothing will be done to enforce US law that states bonded labor is illegal.
  • Indian consulting firms can steal the wages of their employees as we cover in the article The Broad Scale Wage Theft by Tata Consulting and Infosys, and the Indian firms can be confident they will only get a slap on the wrist if caught.

Indians and Indian firms clearly have soft targets in European based countries, and they have absolutely no reason to stop their practices.