Executive Summary

  • This is an interactive TCO calculator for Infor Lawson.

How it Works

Fill out the form below for the adjustable Infor Epiphany TCO Calculator. The form does not have a “beginning or end.” The form is constantly calculating, so feel free to make constant changes and the application will auto-adjust.


  • Vendor Name: Infor (See for Vendor Rating)
  • Software Category: CRM
  • Company Headquarters: 641 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011
  • Site: https://www.infor.com
  • Contact number: 646.336.1700
  • Delivery Mechanism: On Premises

Size Limitations of the Estimate

This estimator is not an extremely large implementation.

Understanding the Issues with Estimation Scaling

There is no way to make regression formulas span moderately sized all the way to enormous implementations in an online calculator. Once the number of users moves into the several thousand (that is, real users, not people recorded as users but barely using the application, or coming in through a portal that integrates to SAP), this calculator does not apply. One difference, such as how many current applications can be replaced by the standard functionality in the new application makes a dramatic difference in the TCO of the estimation.

We perform custom estimations where we obtain more detailed information and charge that is customized per client. This calculator is meant as a proof of concept of how to perform TCO calculation. It should not replace a more detailed assessment.