Sales and Statistical Forecasting Combined

What The Book Covers

When companies have forecasting problems, and typically these problems are explained as separate spheres. Therefore problems with statistical forecasting and then problems with sales forecasting. It teaches both statistical forecasting methods as well as sales forecasting methods. The focus is on statistical forecasting and sales forecasting methods, and then how to connect these methods coherently.

This is one of the few books that focuses on how to integrate sales with statistical forecasting and is the only book that focuses on all of its attention on this one topic.

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A Book Based in Reality, Emphasizing Actionable Knowledge

The book provides many examples from real-life project experiences, the emphasis being on the reality of supply chain forecasting projects. While the majority of forecasting books spend a lot of time covering forecasting methods that companies will very rarely (if ever) use, this book adjusts the content to cover topics that can be implemented by companies.

Interconnected to Web Information

In order the keep the book at a manageable and easily readable length, the book also provides numerous links out to the Brightwork Research & Analysis site, where supporting articles allow readers to get into more detail on topics that interest them.

Case Studies

The book also contains case studies of how various forecasting techniques were used on different projects.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Where Demand Planning Fits within the Supply Chain Planning Footprint
  • Chapter 3: The Common Problems with Statistical Forecasting
  • Chapter 4: Introduction to Best Fit Forecasting
  • Chapter 5: Comparing Best Fit to Home Grown Statistical Forecasting Methods
  • Chapter 6: Sales Forecasting
  • Chapter 7: Sales Forecasting and CRM
  • Chapter 8: Conclusion

Chapter 9: Conclusion

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