Cohen and Grigsby: H1-B Immigration Lawyers Demonstrate How to Create Fake Job Listing and Disqualify US Workers

Executive Summary

  • Immigration lawyers make their money by processing foreign workers and actively work against the interests of US citizens.
  • This is explained in the following video.


Many people there assume that contract jobs are also advertised openly like full time jobs, or that the process is transparent and straightforward.

They may see a contract job on Dice, and forget that there is a recruiter standing between the applicant and the company, who will do God knows what with the application materials they submit.

The Reality of H1-B As Explained by Immigration Attorneys

Immigration attorneys have a foolproof way of wasting the time of US citizen applications for jobs so that they can NOT find US workers, and then make money by bringing in foreign workers under the H1-B visa. These attorneys explain precisely how this is done.


This is all a big joke to immigration attorneys. This is how they make their living. For them, the H1-B visa system is just to be scammed so they can do what they want — which is displace a US worker.