Executive Summary

  • This article is part of our honest vendor series, which is one of the only ratings of vendors rather than applications.
  • The vendor quality is critical to the decision making process as software purchases have a high long term involvement by the software vendor.


ProcessPro has roughly 70 people. However, as with most software vendors, most of the innovation comes from smaller software vendors like ProcessPro and ProcessPro is quite innovative as well as being very in tuned to the needs of process industry manufacturers.

Application Details

Based upon their software quality, they have much less of the market than they actually should have if the enterprise software market were not so controlled by the large software vendors, large consulting companies and IT analysts. The book Process Industry Manufacturing Software: ERP, Planning, Recipe, MES & Process Control, explains that companies continue to buy discrete manufacturing software (and significant consulting companies continue to steer companies to this inappropriate software). This is true when they really should be looking for software that is directly focused and developed around their unique requirements. When vendors like SAP fake their actual process industry manufacturing functionality during the sales process, it gives other vendors a black eye, this fakery of process industry capabilities has been prevalent throughout the history of enterprise software. It has to lead many buyers to stay away from packaged solutions and to custom code their applications. However, some vendors have good process industry functionality. Still, most buyers are not able to find these vendors and differentiate them from those vendors that dishonestly say they have functionality that they do not.

Many of ProcessPro’s customers come from specific segments of the process industry, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care, but this is more of a sales limitation rather than a limitation with their functionality. ProcessPro has a well regarding consulting division, so a strong ability to implement. The software is also considered to be a high functionality level. ProcessPro and this is a rarity, scores well in the accuracy of the information that comes from its salespeople.

Quality of Information Provided

ProcessPro has a high-quality level for the information it provides. ProcessPro tends to gain its customers holistically and tends to focus on continually deepening its application functionality for process industries. Of course, ProcessPro has also developed a product that puts them in an excellent position to be able to meet their customer’s requirements, which will tend to produce higher quality information than when the reverse is true. ProcessPro does not need to make things up – merely saying what the application can do is good enough.

Consulting and Support

ProcessPro has a good experience level in its consulting and support. ProcessPro is not recommended or implemented by the major consulting companies, another factor making it an excellent value.

Internal Efficiency

ProcessPro is both flexible and responsive. Decisions are made quickly, and the organization is relatively flat. When customers or partners pose questions to ProcessPro, they will generally be answered promptly.


ProcessPro has a high Current Innovation Level, and we see no other ERP software vendor with the scope of functionality for process industry manufacturing of ProcessPro. Currently, only four software vendors rate a perfect 10 in innovation, and ProcessPro is one of the four.

Vendor Scores

Honest Vendor Ratings

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  • VC = Vendor Consulting
  • VS = Vendor Support
  • QIP = Quality of Information Provided
  • IE = Internal Efficiency
  • I = Innovation
  • C = Category
  • ACS = Average Category Score
Average Score for the BI Heavy Software Category6. HeavyCategory Average
Average Score for the BI Light Software Category7.76.756.36.8BI LightCategory Average
Average Score for the CRM Software Category5. Average
Average Score for the PLM Software Category7. Average
Average Score for the Production Planning Software Category7.36.765.25.7Production PlanningCategory Average
Average Score for the Small and Medium ERP Software Category7. and Medium ERPCategory Average
Average Score for the Supply Planning Software Category7. PlanningCategory Average
Average Score Score for the Demand Planning Software Category7. PlanningCategory Average
Average Score for the Big ERP Software Category4. ERPCategory Average
Actuate77865BI HeavyApplication Specific
Arena Solutions91010810PLMApplication Specific
AspenTech43437Production PlanningApplication Specific
Base CRM88997CRMApplication Specific
Birst8888.59BI HeavyApplication Specific
Business Forecast Systems991098Demand PlanningApplication Specific
Delfoi888.548Production PlanningApplication Specific
Demand Works99101010Supply PlanningApplication Specific
ERPNext888.5109Small and Medium ERPApplication Specific
FinancialForce10109109.5FinancialApplication Specific
Hamilton Grant89.589.58PLMApplication Specific
Intacct1010999.5FinancialApplication Specific
Intuit88966.5FinancialApplication Specific
JDA3.53422Demand PlanningApplication Specific
Microsoft45211Small and Medium ERPApplication Specific
MicroStrategy87777BI HeavyApplication Specific
NetSuite65644CRMApplication Specific
OpenERP788.587Small and Medium ERPApplication Specific
Oracle52111ManyApplication Specific
PlanetTogether91081010Supply PlanningApplication Specific
Preactor787.533Production PlanningApplication Specific
ProcessPro1089109Small and Medium ERPApplication Specific
QlikTech87589.5CRMApplication Specific
Salesforce73866CRMApplication Specific
SAS971077Demand PlanningApplication Specific
SugarCRM44553CRMApplication Specific
Tableau101091010BI LightApplication Specific
Teradata98.58.568BI HeavyApplication Specific
ToolsGroup1010999Demand PlanningApplication Specific
SAP53111ManyApplication Specific

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