How 77% of H1-B Applications Hyderabad in 2011 Were Fraudulent

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Executive Summary

  • Specific areas in India have become know for H1-B visa fraud.
  • Hyderabad is one of the centres in India.


In investigating the corruption of the H1-B program, we came upon how Infosys engaged in fraud against the US government’s B-1 visa program.

During an eighteen-month period, according to State Department cables leaked in 2011, US consular officials in India discovered that 77 percent of the H1-B applications submitted by 150 companies in Hyderabad “turned out to be fraudulent or highly suspect.” – Sold Out


Our research indicates that the vast majority of Indians are more than happy to falsify an H1-B visa application because so many of them are desperate to get out of the country. Indians also live in a country where there is little respect for laws, so therefore they see the US immigration law as just another fence to “jump over.” Secondly, it is widely known that a high percentage of the H1-B program is entirely fraudulent — and there is a concept that “everyone is doing it.”