How Allahu Akbar is Both Call to Prayer and Request Not Have the City Attacked by Muslims

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Muslims claim that the term Allahu Akbar, which is routinely used in Muslim attacks, is only a prayer call.
  • There is much more to the phrase.


Even though Allahu Akbar is frequently screamed during terrorist attacks, it has been said by Muslims that the term is a pacifist term that has nothing to do with violence. We will cover some interesting context of how this phrase has been used.

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How Allaha Akbar Was Used to Communicate A City Was Muslim

In this video, David Wood explains that Allahu Akbar was sung as the call to prayer, which also kept cities from being attacked. By screaming Allahu Akbar, the city would have kept it safe. 

In this video, the Apostate Prophet points out how this irritating call to prayer, which is repeated five times throughout the day is a form of mind control. This is highly repetitive and imposes itself on the population. What if you aren’t Muslims and you don’t want to hear this? Well, too bad, you will be hearing it. This is brainwashing. The Apostate Prophet makes an excellent point that the call to prayer is designed by a control freak.

In this video, the Apostate Prophet explains how Allahu Akbar is used to diminishing other faiths and is part of Islamic surpemacy.  

It is a hostile act that is masquerading as a peaceful act. 

Here when Jewish visitors come to the Temple Mount, Muslim women scream Allahu Akbar. What is this? This is not a call to prayer. This is the Muslim women challenging the Jews who have a right to visit this location. These women are insulting, and the chanting becomes grating after the first minute or so.

This video seems to contradict the claim that Allahu Akbar is only peaceful.

I have been in Muslim countries, and I never found being awakened at 6 in the morning by the call to prayer as being peaceful. Instead, I found it highly invasive and irritating. When in Egypt, I used to joke that it might be good if someone yelled out the window

“Shut the fuck up!”

Catholic churches in Europe have bells that are also a bit overbearing, but they do tell you the time of the day. And Christian bells do have some incorporation into some beautiful music.

Nothing similar can be claimed for people screaming Allahu Akbar. 

Richard Dawkins said essentially the same thing that I did. And because he preferred church bells over Alluha Akbar he was called a racist. 

According to The Apostate Prophet, “God is Great” is not the correct English translation of Allahu Akbar in this video. The correct translation is “God is the Greatest.” 

Thus “my god is better than your God and supreme over your religion.”

And that is exactly how it is used.

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about the phrase Allahu Akbar being only a peaceful phrase used to call people to prayer. 


Allahu Akbar is not only a call to prayer. It has many hostile uses, from keeping cities from being attacked by Mohammed’s forces to being screamed at attacks (which it was, and which it is to this day). Allahu Akbar is a claim of Islamic supremacy. While it may have one meaning among Muslims, when used against non-Muslims, it is a term of domination. This is why it is screamed and used, along with violence.