How Bad is the Freedom of Speech in Muslim Countries?

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Islam is inherently hostile to freedom of speech.
  • We cover the global incompatibility between Islam and freedom of speech.


Islamic countries are a complete washout when it comes to freedom of speech. In most cases, speech critical of the government or Islam leads to prosecution — unless the speech reaches so few people, it is not of concern. It is appropriate to say that Islamic thought is in opposition to freedom of speech. In Saudi Arabia, the punishment for blasphemy is death.

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The Reality of Freedom of Speech in Islamic Countries

Islamic countries do want criticism, but they want it written about other countries and preferably non-Muslim countries. Reading newspapers while visiting Pakistan and the UAE was curious how all of the criticism was directed outside of the country. In the case of Pakistan, it was India. In the case of the UAE, it was Israel. Governments in these countries redirect their population’s frustrations outside of the country and prevent criticism of the country’s internal elite. And their primary tool is through their restricted freedom of speech laws. This leads to a highly deluded population that can be easily manipulated.

The relationship is very strong, that the more Islamic a society, the worse its protection for freedom of speech.

This video describes the murder of women’s rights activists in Afghanistan. Media in the Western countries do not provide these outcomes in Muslim countries as they are sensitive to being called Islamaphobic. 

The majority of Muslims support people being beheaded for the mildest of freedom of speech, such as showing cartoons critical of Mohammed. 

A Chechen in France beheaded a French teacher who showed cartoons of Mohammed to students. This Chechen was called the “Lion of Islam” and given a hero’s welcome to Chechnia for performing this act. As the video points out, parents and students promoted this Chechen to take revenge against this teacher.

How Islam is Reducing Freedom of Speech in Non-Muslim Countries

Due to Muslim immigration to European countries, those countries how to have Islamic blasphemy laws. This is explained in the following quotation about freedom of speech limitations in Austria.

In Austria, the right of free speech is subject to limitations, notably the prohibition to call the prophet Muhammad a pedophile, which was reaffirmed by a court in 2009. – Wikipedia

First, this law is ludicrous. But secondly, Muhammad was a pedophile. That is what we call a man who has sexual relations with a 9-year-old girl. This is the type of reality-bending outcome from anti-freedom of speech laws. But let us imagine for a moment that if I were an Austrian citizen, I could be legally punished for writing that sentence. A sentence that is 100% true.

This video shows how Muslims are reducing freedom of speech everywhere they immigrate. 

In this video, the Apostate Prophet explains how freedom of speech works in the Muslim world. 

Denmark Reduces its Freedom of Speech

This law in Denmark is equally ludicrous.

Any person who, publicly or with the intention of disseminating … makes a statement … threatening (trues), insulting (forhånes), or degrading (nedværdiges) a group of persons on account of their race, national or ethnic origin or belief shall be liable to a fine or to simple detention or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. – Wikipedia

And what is the definition of degrading? What if I observe that Asians are not good at basketball? They can neither shoot three-point shots, cannot drive to the basket, and cannot defend the basket. Isn’t that degrading to Asians?

The Direct Correlation Between Islam and the Reduction of Freedom of Speech

The relationship is essentially a direct correlation—the more Islamic a society, the lower the freedom of speech. As Muslims have immigrated to non-Muslim countries, they have reduced the freedom of speech in those countries. Most Muslims believe they have the right to engage in violent acts against those that would blaspheme against Islam. 

As non-Muslim countries grow their Muslim populations, there will be a further reduction of freedom of speech.

At the 9:00 minute mark, asylum seekers, who massively improve their condition, as well as aggressively extract from the French tax base, plan to change the French’s freedom of speech laws to benefit Muslims, and many Muslims living in France have the plan of converting France into Muslim society. Muslims have very high reproductive rates, and Muslims have an unlimited number of asylum seekers. France and many other European countries are dealing with a type of invasion that will eventually turn these countries into Muslim driven societies. 

Freedom of Speech Against Islam in the US

The US has a small Muslim population, far lower than many European countries. However, even in the US, freedom of speech versus Islam is discouraged.

How Mohammed Took African Slaves and Raped Them

The following video starts off by discussing Muhammed Ali and how he was tricked into thinking Islam opposed slavery, video explains how the Koran describes the slaves that were raped by Mohammed, but then covers the specific Koranic descriptions of Mohammed’s African slaves.

Remember that in Islam, Muhammed is the “perfect Muslim.” And nothing he did could be questioned, and everything written about Mohammed is to be lauded by modern Muslims. Any person (Muslim or non-Muslim) who does not laud Mohammed is guilty of blaspheming against Islam. 

Muslims want this type of speech, and the video above banned. They want it banned not only in Muslim countries, but in non-Muslim countries as well.


What was curious in researching for this article was how little discussion I was able to find about what is a very large topic. Trump has received enormous negative feedback for his Muslim ban, however, what goes unmentioned is the vast majority of Muslims have both no experience with freedom of speech and oppose freedom of speech. A review of the rising hate speech legislation in Europe indicates that wherever Muslims go, they reduce the freedom of speech in that country.