How Bill Gates and his Foundation are Engaged in Fake Philanthropy

Executive Summary

  • Bill Gates has bought off media entities to assert that he is a philanthropist.
  • There is nothing philanthropic about his foundation.


The first thing to address when it comes to Bill Gates and the impact of the spending of his foundation is whether or not it is actually a charity. It is presented by the media entities that Bill Gates pays as a charity, and it claims to be charitable. However, if the foundation is not funding various items based upon charitable aims, then one must view Bill Gates and his foundation very differently. In this article, I will demonstrate that the foundation has nothing at all to do with charity and that Bill Gates personally has not only cared about philanthropy but has never even been able to behave as a moral individual.

Our References for This Article

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What is a Philanthrocapitalist?

The Children’s Health Defense has defined the term philanthrocapitalism to describe Bill Gates activities as a faux philanthropist.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Donations to the NIH

And this..


There is no doubt that Bill Gates uses philanthropy as a cover for underhanded investments that simply return money to his investments.