How Bill Gates Took Advantage of the Increased Corruptibility of Research

Executive Summary

  • Research entities have become increasingly susceptible to corrupt research grants.
  • Bill Gates leveraged this to fund science fraud.


The establishment media and pharmaceutical companies have colluded since the beginning of the covid pandemic. The Delta Variant was explained as a reason that even those who were vaccinated needed to wear masks and that those that were still not vaccinated really needed to get vaccinated. What is wrong with how this story was presented in the establishment media?

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How Research Has Become More Corruptible

Americans need to come to grips with how money has corrupted everything. So many of the people and institutions we formerly relied on to speak truthfully are now dependent  on grants from corporations, government agencies, and self-interested donors with agendas that truth is the casualty.  Yes, scientists will now lie for money.  Universities will produce “studies” that advance the donor’s agenda. Physicists dependent on Washington’s grants will hold their tongues when presented with obviously false claims such as massively constructed steel buildings built to withstand airliner collision collapsing into dust because of isolated low temperature fires and strikes by flimsy aluminum airplanes.

Many decades ago George Stigler at the University of Chicago said that the trouble with regulation is that all regulatory agencies end up captured by the businesses they are tasked with regulating.  Thus we see that the EPA is in the hands of polluters, bank regulation is in the hands of bankers, telecommunication regulations—5G for example—is in the hands of tech companies who stand to profit, and approval of new medicines is in the hands of Big Pharma as is the curriculum in medical schools. Doctors are trained to connect symptoms with tests and when confirmed by a test, the doctor looks up online the specified Big Pharma treatment. – Global Research


Research entities have become more corrupt and need money than ever before. Bill Gates leveraged this to corrupt the entire health policy system.