How Delta Variant Cases Were Deliberately Exaggerated to Promote Vaccination

Executive Summary

  • The media reported that nearly all covid deaths were from the unvaccinated and from the Delta Variant.
  • That reporting was false, which now begs the question as to why.


The establishment media and pharmaceutical companies have colluded since the very beginning of the covid pandemic. The Delta Variant was explained as a reason that even those who were vaccinated needed to wear masks and that those that were still not vaccinated needed to get vaccinated. What is wrong with how this story was presented in the establishment media?

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About the Delta Variant Technically

Delta is between 40 and 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant and nearly twice as transmissible as the original SARS-CoV-2 virus first identified in China. The Delta variant replicates faster than previous SARS-CoV-2 variants, and a not-yet-peer-reviewed study estimated that it produces 1,000 times more virus particles than its predecessors. – Science Alert

Hyping the Delta Variant

The perfect example of the mainstream media coverage of the Delta Variant.

Here CDC Director Rochelle Walensky does not address and lies about why the J&J vaccine fades quickly. This raises the question of whether the CDC is yet another shill for the pharmaceutical industry. It is curious how every vaccine described by Walensky is “excellent” for which there is no evidence. The J&J vaccine is shown as less effective — even though none are effective. Then on the topic of children being vaccinated, for which there is even less reason to need any protection from covid as their risk is nill. However, again, Walensky does not address that issue and supports pharmaceutical companies. On the last point, on the question of masks, the deaths attributed to covid are false as the WHO has disavowed the PCR test. However, it is still being used. The idea of masking children is so ridiculous it is jaw-dropping what Walensky is saying. 

We have NBC, funded by the pharmaceutical companies interviewing yet another pharmaceutical shill. This entire segment is nothing more than a commercial for pharmaceutical companies.

There is no reason to listen to Walensky on covid. This entire segment is rigged; more likely than not, NBC sent all the questions to Walensky before the interview. And neither NBC nor Walensky declared their financial bias toward pharmaceutical companies in this segment.

The Reason for Hyping the Delta Variant

This is explained in the following quotations.

After a brief summer respite, fear-mongering is once again in full swing, with headlines screaming about a “highly contagious mutant version of the coronavirus” (dubbed the “delta variant”) and yet another seeming rise in “cases.” What is the most obvious reason for the renewed media hysteria? Demand for COVID vaccines has stagnated. Familiar with the propagandist’s tendency to inflate key numbers, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport suggests the proportion of the population refusing the injections is likely much larger than officials are reporting — and that does not “sit well with the vaccinators-in-charge.” On July 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, signaled “the war has changed” after warning “vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.”

At the same time, the media began amping up reports blaming the unvaccinated for the so-called “Delta variant,” furnishing a pretext for public health officials to not only renew their calls for “widespread vaccination and rigid adherence to public health measures” but also to “move the goal posts for target vaccination rates.”

This assertion is a bit odd because if it was truly a variant, how would the vaccine protect against it?

Rigging the New Covid Cases to Show Delta Variant as the Driver

Health providers on the front lines have shared anecdotal evidence with Children’s Health Defense confirming that officialdom is interested only in new COVID “cases” to the extent that such cases crop up in the unvaccinated.

Estimates range from 75% of new “cases” in Cape Cod and highly vaccinated Singapore, to anywhere from 50% to 90% in Israel. In Iceland, described by journalist Alex Berensen as a “vaccinators’ paradise,” the nation is reportedly “setting daily records for new infections, mostly among the vaccinated.” COVID vaccine critics point to this explosion of “breakthrough cases” in the vaccinated as a sign that manufacturers’ misleading vaccine efficacy narrative is crumbling.

I cover in the article How Safe and Effective Are the Covid 19 Vaccines?, that there is no evidence the vaccines are effective. The clinical trials were approved only because the pharma companies control the FDA.

The Delta Variant Cover Story

In addition to offering a rationale for inflaming hostility against the unvaccinated, could the “delta variant” cover story be serving other purposes? For example, rather than question the dud vaccines, researchers are suddenly publishing analyses of waning immunity and vaccine failure — in prestigious journals like The Lancet — that all too predictably prescribe booster shots and new-and-improved vaccines as solutions. – Global Research

How Dangerous is the Delta Variant?

One of the issues that health authorities promoted was that those vaccinated found the Delta Variant to be less severe. However, the reality is that the Delta Variant is even less deadly than the first variant, which was already weak. This is explained in the following quotation.

Even so, the Delta variant is far milder than previous variants, according to the U.K.’s June 18, 2021, Technical Briefing.21 In it, they present data showing the Delta variant is more contagious but far less deadly and easier to treat.

Since the Delta variant typically doesn’t cause severe illness in the first place, it doesn’t make sense to attribute milder illness to the shot. – Global Research

This makes it appear that health authorities exaggerated the risk of the Delta Variant.

How Did Health Authorities Identify There Was a Delta Variant?

This quote comes from Dr. Lidiya Angelova.

Variants is one of the new fearmongering words spread since mid march. It is used to make people afraid of new SARS-CoV-2 mutations despite that word means nothing in microbiology. If those mutations exist or can affect virus infectivity they can’t be detected by any of the tests. A new mutation can be detected only by whole genome sequence not only according to me but CDC.

As the PCR test cannot distinguish between the standard covid and a variant, how did health authorities know that a ” Delta ” variant was responsible for infecting people? 

Dr. Angelova further explains this in the following quotations.

First authorities actually don’t have an evidence about it. To make sure that there is another strain (wrongly called variant) that is of any danger they must sequence the whole genome of the sample from a person who has developed the disease called COVID-19 (name is used as the virus now). I used in the title to bring attention, but disease can’t mutate. Again they can’t do it at mass scale since it’s expensive. Also RNA sequencing due to the extra steps can easily make wrong read and show a change where isn’t. It means that some of the mutations aren’t real, but just a mistake during the sequencing. It is a long multiple step process.

After sequencing of the sample they should indeed show that those kind of samples with that change (mutation) are more dangerous than the rest. That is practically impossible to proof.

Of course nobody mentions the innate immunity and cross-immunity which take care of the mutations. You already know my article on cross-immunity. Here is an excellent easy to understand article on what is innate immunity.

There are so many articles that publish information about the Delta Variant and its risk. Still, they don’t have the background that Dr. Angelova has to explain how a Delta Variant was identified or included in the PCR tests. The PCR test can pick up a single coronavirus molecule but can’t differentiate between the various coronaviruses. It was not even trained on covid but on SARS-CoV, not SARS-CoV-2. This is explained in the following quote from the website Cormond Drosten Review regarding the enormous mistakes made in developing the PCR test for covid.

How Do Health Authorities Test for the Delta Variant?

Given that the PCR test produces so many false positives, it is important to determine how health authorities test for the Delta variant, as the PCR Test cannot determine it. This is explained in the following quotation.

The COVID-19 delta variant is by far the most dominant variant circulating right now in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC says the delta variant is considered to spread more easily from person to person compared to other variants that have been detected so far throughout the pandemic. – WTSP

Observe the skewing of the reporting. The Delta variant is less dangerous than the Alpha variant, but that part is not reported. If the Delta variant had been more dangerous and less easily spread, then the media would have focused on the fact Delta is more dangerous.

The quote continues.

Scientists determine the prevalence of a particular variant through genomics testing and DNA sequencing but according to Dr. Jill Roberts, a molecular epidemiologist at the University of South Florida, the U.S. is only running genomics on about 10 percent of positive cases.

Roberts says this is due to a lack of resources such as money, equipment and staffing to run genomics on more specimens. – WTSP

So the method is through genomic testing. They could then use statistics to make an estimate. I say they could do this; I don’t want to presume they did. Their method of arriving at 80% of the cases, the Delta variant, may be incorrect.

The quote continues.

A person gets a COVID-19 test and the test is positive.

For the majority of specimens in the U.S., that’s where the journey ends. You’re either positive or negative. No further information. – WTSP

Observe the very high number of false positives left out of this analysis. The presentation should be that the positives are false positives in 97% of cases. This article entirely leaves out the inaccuracy of the PCR test, giving the reader the impression that the test is as accurate as, say, a pregnancy test. This calls into question what else is inaccurate in this article.

The quote continues.

For some samples in areas with the capacity to do so, the journey continues, but the sample is striped of patient information.

This is when genomics testing comes in to determine variants. This requires an extensive computer system in a lab to ingest the specimen and perform DNA sequencing.

Finally, a researcher must interpret the computerized sequencing to confirm the variant.

Then, the CDC compiles this information and makes the best projection they can based on the data they have to determine the prevalence of a variant. – WTSP

This means these tests will not be performed very frequently due to their complexity. What is not pointed out is that genomic sequencing must find many false-positive PCR tests; however, there is no coverage of that important topic. If the genomic testing has not shown this, then how accurate is genomic testing?

Many scientists, including Dr. Ben Jacob, a researcher at USF with a specialization in spatial modeling, says we need more resources for genomics testing and consistency when doing DNA testing. While there’s a methodology or recipe to follow, different labs use different approaches when determining variants.

Bottom line: The dominance of the COVID-19 delta variant is not an exact science in the United States. – WTSP

Hmmmmm… what is the accuracy of genomic testing?

I ask because we were all misled by the accuracy of PCR tests, so now I am told that Delta variant testing is not an “exact science.” If it is not an exact science, how do the health authorities know that the Delta variant is responsible for 82% of new cases?

Observe the following quotation, which is another fact-checking article.

A Facebook post featuring a meme with an image of Albert Einstein says that “people are being diagnosed with Delta variant even though there is no Delta variant test”.

This isn’t quite right. Although there are no direct Delta variant tests, PCR tests that are positive for SARS-CoV-2 can undergo genetic analysis such as ‘genomic sequencing’ which tells us if it is the Delta (or another) variant. This means it is possible to accurately identify if someone is unwell with the Delta variant of Covid-19. – Full Fact

This, again, does not discuss the accuracy of genomic sequencing.

This video explains that the genomic sequencing of a Delta variant is a scam.

This declares that observing the patents, there was never a novel coronavirus. 

PCR Test Will Pickup Non-SARS Related Coronaviruses

The design variations will inevitably lead to results that are not even SARS CoV-2 related. Therefore, the confusing unspecific description in the Corman-Drosten paper is not suitable as a Standard Operational Protocol. These unspecified positions should have been designed unequivocally.

The cold is a coronavirus. So if the test can’t distinguish between coronaviruses, how can it identify a variant?

As you can see, the explanation for how health authorities knew that X many people had the Delta Variant is not apparent.

What is the Point of Telling People About the Delta Variant

The vaccines do not work against covid. So what is the point of telling people about a new variant of covid? The risk to most of the population is infinitesimal except for those with the weakest immune systems.

The hullabaloo about the Delta variant appears designed to push more people to take vaccines worse for them than if they get covid.


The collusion between Big Media and Big Pharma is apparent in the Delta variant. I cannot prove this because I don’t have all the information about genomic sequencing, but my intuition is that the Delta variant is nowhere near as important as we are told. We have very little information about the statistics supporting the claim that 82% of new covid cases are the Delta variant. The health authorities have been looking for excuses to extend lockdowns and get more people vaccinated. There have been a tremendous number of lies about COVID-19, from valid PCR tests to exaggerated death certificates that show COVID as the cause of death. It looks pretty likely that the more time passes, the higher the likelihood that the Delta variant story will fall apart as a significant health issue.

Update for the Omnicron Variant

After this article was written, another variant popped up called Omnicron. A bit about the Omnicron variant from the technical side is found in the following quotation.

The Omicron variant has 50 mutations overall, with 32 mutations on the spike protein alone. The spike protein – which forms protruding knobs on the outside of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – helps the virus adhere to cells so that it can gain entry. It is also the protein that all three vaccines currently available in the US use to induce protective antibodies.

For comparison, the Delta variant has nine mutations. The larger number of mutations in the Omicron variant may mean that it could be more transmissible and/or better at evading immune protection – a prospect that is very concerning. – Science Alert

The script by health authorities has been the same as with Delta: to exaggerate the risk to justify not relaxing their controls. This is explained in the following quotation.

The WHO has said that the Omicron variant can spread more quickly than other variants. Likely true. The virus is behaving just how viruses behave. They are mutable and mutate and, via Muller’s ratchet, we expect this to be milder and milder mutations and not more lethal ones given the pathogen seeks to infect the host and not arrive at an evolutionary dead-end.

The virus will mutate downward so that it can use the host (us) to propagate itself via our cellular metabolic machinery. The Delta has shown us this: it is very infectious and mostly non-lethal. Especially for children and healthy people. So is the WHO panicking the globe needlessly? Is this Covid-19 February 2020 once again?

The problem with South Africa as is with Australia and New Zealand and even island nations like Trinidad is that it has low natural immunity to SAR-Cov-2. This is because, as we witnessed over the last year and more, if you lock down your society too long and too hard, you deny the nation and population from inching closer to population-level herd immunity. And you have no economy or society from which to reemerge. You devastate your society for a pathogen that is largely harmless to the vast majority of people especially children.

Moreover, governments asked us for two weeks to flatten the curve to help prepare hospitals so that they can tend to surges and other non-Covid illnesses. We as societies gave our governments 2 weeks, not 21 months. They failed to tend to the non-Covid illnesses and we locked down the healthy and well (children and young and middle aged healthy persons) while failing to properly protect the vulnerable and high-risk persons such as the elderly. We failed and it was like killing fields in our nursing homes.

We have data that the Pfizer vaccine loses 40% of antibodies per month, meaning in 3 months post-shot, you have low effective vaccinal immunity. – Brownstone

The only issue I have is that there is no evidence that mRNA vaccines work against covid, which I cover in the article How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines?

The quote continues…

For example, the vaccine has failed to stop infection and spread against Delta. – Brownstone

This is an odd statement, as the mRNA vaccines don’t work against the original covid virus.

The quote continues…

The nations that have ended lockdowns are likely to move past this new variant scare, and be fine. This is more of an overreaction by the WHO and governments and much ado about nothing. – Brownstone

This video highlights the tremendous amount of lying on new variants. Every new variant is blamed on a lack of vaccination despite no evidence that mRNA vaccines work. The Establishment media continually ignore areas that are doing very well against the virus and have deficient levels of vaccination, like India and Indonesia. Africa does not have high levels of covid. The establishment media works overtime to present the entire covid pandemic through the eyes of pharmaceutical companies. There are simply no questions of, for example, why children need to be vaccinated if the virus poses an infinitesimal risk to them. Coverage is optimized around maximizing the continual flow of pharma advertising dollars. 

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