How Emergency Use Authorization For The Covid Vaccines Is A Get Out Of Jail Free Card For the FDA

Executive Summary

  • The FDA was under tremendous pressure to approve covid vaccines.
  • The Emergency Use Authorization allowed them to distribute the vaccines without approval.


The FDA is a little concerned with public safety and far more focused on protecting itself politically while maximizing the revenues to the pharmaceutical companies, which are its customers.

This article explains why the Emergency Use Authorization or EUA gave the FDA the political cover it needed to approve ineffective and unsafe vaccines. It also explains why the FDA ignored and distorted the concerns over the vaccine studies brought to it by its covid advisory committee.

Our References for This Article

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POGO’s Investigative Journalism on the Internal Discussions

POGO, which stands for Project on Government Oversight, is the following.

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that investigates and exposes waste, corruption, abuse of power, and when the government fails to serve the public or silences those who report wrongdoing. – POGO

POGO performed an excellent job documenting the internal discussions on the approval of the vaccines.

The following were just a few of the concerns the covid advisory committee raised before the EUA was granted for the vaccines.

Concern #1: Concerns Voiced Around The Wrong Endpoint Being Used

Concern #2: Concerns Voiced Around How Success Was To Be Measured

Concern #3: Concerns Voiced Around the Subjectivity Of The Efficacy Measures

Concern #4: Concerns Voiced Over the Brevity of the Study

How Did the FDA React To These Concerns?

All of these concerns were pushed to the side and ignored by the FDA. Furthermore, as covered in the article How The FDA Ignored Their Committee Recommendations On the Covid Vaccine Studies, the FDA lied when asked about these concerns by POGO. The “train had left the station,” and one way or another, the vaccines were getting approved to meet the political need for vaccines.

Furthermore, this made the FDA look like it was “doing something” by getting vaccines out to the public.

The FDA’s Established Pattern of Nonscientific Behavior

The behavior of the FDA on the covid vaccines, combined with many other previous actions by the FDA, demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that the FDA has virtually nothing to do with science, does not enforce standards (as is covered in the article How Low Are the FDA’s Standards of Evidence for New Drug Approval?), and is entirely a political organization.

Using Financially Conflicted MDs To Push The Vaccines

Even though the vaccine studies proved nothing and were rigged, a series of MDs with undeclared financial ties to the vaccine manufacturers were put in front of the major media outlets to vouch for how “safe and effective” the vaccines were.

How the Vaccine Manufacturers and Health Authorities Made It Up As They Went Along

The three-week lag between the first and second vaccination..

Addressing the Damage

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