How Ex DNC Leader and Muslim Keith Ellison Opposes Freedom of Speech and Calls for Amazon Censorship

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Muslims opposed freedom of speech. Even a US-born Muslim attempted to stop anti-Muslim books from being sold on Amazon.
  • Keith Ellison’s letter to Amazon should be a concern to any person who supports freedom of speech.


Muslims are strongly in favor of censorship for any speech that criticizes Islam. Keith Ellison is an ex-leader of the Democratic National Committee. Keith Ellison was born in the US and only converted to Islam in college. However, it is curious how Keith Ellison also attempted to get Amazon to stop selling books that he considered hateful.

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Keith Ellison Believes He Should Decide What Americans Read

How is a person, who like most Muslims, stands on the opposite spectrum of freedom of speech ever have attained a high DNC position? Does Keith Ellison support my right to publish this article, or should this website be censored as well? How far is Keith Ellison willing to go to censor speech he disagrees with? 

This is the type of system that many Muslims want to be imposed on western civilization.

And it is not only freedom of speech that Muslims have a problem with. Muslims are on record as stating that they intend to eliminate democratic systems and replace them with Islam.

Opposition to freedom of speech, placing Muslims in a protected class above all other groups, eliminating democracy in western civilization, and replacing Islam. Opposition to freedom of speech, placing Muslims in a protected class above all other groups, eliminating democracy in western civilization, and replacing Islam. What does it look like Muslims intend for western civilization? And what is one of the best ways for Muslims to achieve their objectives? Well, step number one is to stop criticism of Islam. 

Keith Ellison receives our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying supporting the constitution when he opposes freedom of speech. Ellison’s motivation for eliminating hateful material on Amazon is because Ellison plans to stop anti-Muslim authors from having their work viewable. 


Why was Keith Ellison not outed earlier? As Muslims become more common in western countries, more will run for office. However, do these Muslims support the freedom to criticize Islam, as these are core Western societies’ core features? How can non-Muslims vote for Muslims if there is a concern that Muslims will limit speech as soon as they are in office?

Something else curious illustrates how degraded our media system is. Of the articles I was able to find, all of them accepted Keith Ellison’s claims that he wanted Nazi and white supremacist material banned, without questioning if either this material was, in fact, of this nature, or why Keith Ellison would have any jurisdiction to impose censorship on Amazon.

Interesting Unearth Item About Claims of Abuse

What was curious when performing the research for this article was to come across multiple sexual abuse claims by women against Keith Ellison. Naturally, establishment media did not provide almost any coverage of these claims, as the US establishment media is aligned with the DNC, and normally will only care about sexual abuse claims if it can be used against Republican candidates. When women bring complaints against Democratic candidates the WOKE Democratic Party essentially tells women to “take one for the team.”

Who is Karen Monahan?

Karen Monahan is an ex-girlfriend of Keith Ellison. Monahan brought a highly credible accusation of abuse against Keith Ellison that was promptly swept under the rug by the DNC and Democrat-aligned media in the US. Although I do have to credit the New York Times with covering it. What is perplexing is how little attention the accusation received.

Here is one of her tweets about her evidence and experience.