How Heath Authorities And The Media Lied About Covid Deaths And Comorbidities

Executive Summary

  • Most of those that died from covid had multiple comorbidities.
  • This was lied about and called a conspiracy theory throughout the pandemic.


Health authorities lied about the impact of comorbidities through the pandemic and then smeared people that pointed out the issue with comorbidities as conspiracy theorists.

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Are All People That Question the Allocation of All Covid Deaths Are Trump and QAnon Supporters and Crazed Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists?

A persistent falsehood has been circulating on social media: the number of COVID deaths is much lower than official statistics, and therefore the danger of the disease has been overblown. In August, President Donald Trump retweeted a post claiming that only 6 percent of these reported deaths were actually from COVID-19. (The tweet originated from a follower of the debunked conspiracy fantasy QAnon.) Twitter removed the post for containing false information, but fabrications such as these continue to spread. In September outgoing U.S. Representative Roger Marshall of Kansas—now incoming senator—complained that Facebook had removed a post in which he claimed that 94 percent of COVID-19 deaths reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “were the result of 2-3 additional serious illnesses and were of advanced age.”

It is curious how Twitter removed those posts, even though important information is contained in them. As with the establishment media, Twitter considers its role to tell its users what they cannot see. And notice the reference to QAnon once again.

The information in those tweets has been covered already in this article, which is that it is misleading to report 100% of deaths related to covid as entirely covid deaths.


Because with very few exceptions, healthy people do not die from covid.

The Scientific American article continues.

The inaccurate idea that only 6 percent of the deaths were really caused by the coronavirus is “a gross misinterpretation” of how death certificates work, says Robert Anderson, chief mortality statistician at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. The scope of the coronavirus’s deadly toll is clear, even if the exact toll varies by a small fraction depending on the reporting system. “We’re pretty confident about the scale and order of magnitude of deaths, but we’re not clear on the exact number yet,” says Justin Lessler, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

This quote seems to miss the point brought up in Trump and Marshall’s tweets.

The point is that covid may push sick individuals over the edge, so it does not make sense to attribute 100% of the deaths attributable to covid to covid. It is not a “gross misinterpretation” of how deaths are reported.

The Scientific American article continues.

A second part of the certificate lists other conditions that may have contributed to the death yet were not part of the sequence of events that led up to it, he says. These are called comorbidities, and although they can be contributing factors, they cannot be directly involved in the chain of cause and effect that ended in death. Medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease are common comorbidities, and they can make a person more vulnerable to the coronavirus, Anderson says, “but the fact is: they’re not dying from that preexisting condition.”

This quote is saying two opposing things.

  1. It acknowledges that comorbidities would have reduced the immune systems of the deceased.
  2. Then it states that this is not part of the sequence of events and that they cannot be directly involved in the chain of cause and effect that ended in death.

This quote seems to misconstrue the claims made by Trump and those who say the mortality from covid is overestimated. It is acknowledged that covid pushed people over the edge, but that does not mean that it makes sense to report all covid deaths as from covid.

The Scientific American article continues.

“When we ask if COVID killed somebody, it means ‘Did they die sooner than they would have if they didn’t have the virus?’” Lessler says. Even a person with a potentially life-shortening condition such as heart disease may have lived another five, 10 or more years, had they not become infected with COVID-19.

Well, that is not what is being questioned — that is Lesser’s overly simplified analysis of what is being claimed. And the comment about living 5 or 10 years is made up on the fly by Lessler. Secondly, this is a lie on the part of Lessler. That is not what the CDC guidelines say. The March CDC guidelines tell the doctor to fill in the cause of death if they tested positive for covid (which opens another can of worms as the CDC later came out and said PCR tests are not reliable and overreport covid). Curiously, Lessler is lying about this question. It is almost as if he does not want the public to know what the CDC guidelines say.

Secondly, this claim about five or ten years of life (as an average) for those that die from covid is false.

Let us review the quote from Dr. Rushworth.

Just looking at the data from what has actually happened in Sweden, it seems more likely that the average amount of time lifetime loss to COVID is very low a few years at most.

I will show later in this article that this is an overestimate. The average life lost is measured in months, then it would seem quite relevant to adjust that mortality being allocated to covid.

The 6 percent number touted by Trump and QAnon comes from a weekly CDC report stating that in 6 percent of the coronavirus mortality cases it counted, COVID-19 was the only condition listed on the death certificate. That observation most likely means that those death certificates were incomplete because the certifiers gave only the underlying cause of death and not the full causal sequence that led to it, Anderson says.

It is curious how QAnon has to be added to the mix. QAnon proposes satanic cannibalistic pedophiles control the world is a boogeymen for the establishment is constantly used to discredit ideas. (Although to be honest, recent revelations regarding Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and Jeffry Epstein make seem to imply that QAnon might be onto something) It is an idea that a very small percentage of the US population believes in, as in the following quotation.

However, NBC News polls that same month found that more than half of registered voters had no idea what QAnon was, and that only 3% of the respondents had a positive view of it. – The Conversation

Yet QAnon is routinely mentioned by the establishment media to smear an idea. It is critical to the establishment media that QAnon become more popular so they can use it to smear ideas they do not have evidence for but need to discredit.

I have never understood that if we play the negative association game, why does any religious person have any credibility? Religion is hardly more rational than QAnon. Christians believe a man in the sky created the world in a few days, all animals survived because they were placed in an ark, and the afterlife is spent taking up residence on clouds. So why, when we want to smear something, don’t we say that the people that support it are Christian? If we want to discuss what Muslims believe, the conversation is about to get a whole lot weirder.

Why don’t we say that every Mormon’s ideas in all areas must be false if they believe this story? QAnon is considered to be an enclave of the insane. However, Mormons believe they can wear magic underwear to protect them from bullets. Yet, Mormons are considered completely sane. 

Dr. Fancis Collins is a Christian. However, we allow him to run the NIH, which funds 1/2 of all R&D in the US. Why is he not discredited? Is it just because there are many more Christians than QAnon supporters? If that is why that is referred to as the logical fallacy of the appeal to numbers. 

I am neither a supporter of QAnon nor Trump, so why have I also concluded that the covid deaths have been overstated? I can see the explanation provided hereby by Anderson and Lessler is both condescending and false. Both presume they can pull one over on readers at Scientific American, and no one will critically analyze their claims or read the CDC guidelines.

Also, observe how the Scientific American article does not cover the change in CDC guidelines.


The two March CDC covid death certificate guidelines are dramatic and did have a powerful impact on the number of deaths attributed to covid.

The following is a quote that does a much better job of explaining the impact of the CDC’s reclassification guidelines.

Imagine if in 2009. The CDC changed the way they felt that death certificate says they have done for COVID then anyone who died with a positive test for H1N1 would be labeled an H1N1 death. As early as March 17 2020, the COVID-19 infection transmission rate from asymptomatic carriers have been estimated at a lowly 10%. Was this information correctly reported or publicized. No. – Brainwashed: How the Media and Government Misread, Misinformed and Mismanaged the COVID-19 Virus

This quote is of course, correct. The CDC wanted to change the accounting system but not have anyone outside the hospitals be informed that the accounting guidelines were changing. How else can this be interpreted except as a deceptive action?

Death Certificate Manipulation

This all means that the CDC and hospitals were instrumental in creating an enormous exaggeration of covid deaths. This means the CDC specifically wanted to create an exaggerated pandemic. 

It took until December of 2021 after false covid deaths had been reported for over a year and a half, for the US government to address this embarrassing issue. And when it was covered, as is shown in the video above from the Jimmy Dore show, none of the establishment media outlets covered this story. 

At one point in the video, it is explained that hospitals adjusted their figures to match the CDC’s. That is the other way around. The CDC is supposed to reflect the deaths recorded at hospitals, not hospitals reflecting the CDC. Where are the deaths recorded, at the hospitals or the CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta? The answer is the former.

The establishment media loves covering the number of covid deaths, or the supposed number of covid deaths, but shows zero interest in explaining how problematic the covid death statistics are.

Addressing Covid Deaths Recategorized That Did Not Have Comorbidities

Until now, I have addressed the re-categorization of those with comorbidities such as covid deaths. However, that is not the limit to what has happened with reclassification. This is addressed in the following quotation.

Fatal gunshot wounds to the head are not the cause of death if they have a positive COVID-19 test, the CDC demands the death be listed as COVID-19. Had the CDC not changed its comorbidities procedure it is estimated that reported COVID deaths would be reduced by more than 90%. The CDC reports that only 6% of the reported COVID data from COVID-19 alone. Previous to COVID a positive test didn’t make you a case. To be a case you needed to be sick with a disease except when you need to inflate numbers and pretend there’s a crisis to meet your agenda. In that case, positive COVID tests can be tallied as cases. 50% of all COVID deaths are people over 85 years old. Only 8% of COVID deaths are people under 65 years old. – Brainwashed: How the Media and Government Misread, Misinformed and Mismanaged the COVID-19 Virus

And this one.

“These two people had tested positive for COVID, but that’s not what killed them. A gunshot wound is what killed them,” she told KCNC, noting that she had not even finished her investigation when the state listed the gunshot victims as deaths due to the virus. “The two cases were autopsied, and the cause of death was listed as ‘blunt-force injuries due to a gunshot wound,’” she had said of the deaths which were classified by police as a murder-suicide. “Nowhere did the pathologist say COVID was the cause of death.” – Biz Pac Review

How does that happen?

Well, again, hospitals will classify the cause of death as whatever is profit-maximizing for them. Perhaps the idea that US hospitals may charge $50 for a single Tylenol or buy masks from China for 1 cent instead of paying 5 cents for US-made masks will illustrate the greed at for-profit hospitals. Hospitals are also known to schedule patients for different diagnostic procedures (MRIs, etc..), not because patients need them. Still, the administrators have told doctors they need to get ROI on the expensive machines they have purchased. You don’t get questioned for ordering unnecessary tests as it can be justified as a “precaution.”

If covid deaths pay better than gunshot wound deaths, then covid has a high probability of being listed as the cause of death. Those defending hospitals might say that it is inconclusive, as they may have died of the covid before the gunshot wound. No doubt, this is one way the PR department of a hospital might spin this.

Most hospitals in the US are private. The objective of for-profit hospitals is profit maximization. You get this when you allow healthcare providers to be profit-maximizing entities.


The covid death rate is exaggerated in part because comorbidities were left out of the analysis, and the cause of death was attributed to covid, no matter how sick or frail the patient was. This was done to create or manufacture the pandemic.