How Idiotic Can You Be and Be a Distinguished Vice President Analyst at Gartner?

Executive Summary

  • Gartner produces very low-quality content, but it is interesting to see a Distinguished VP Analyst from Gartner in action.
  • This video answers the question of how poorly you can ask questions and provide insight and keep this position.


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The first question is, has Michael Chertoff figured out the issue with the SuperDome yet?

Look at the interviewer “is richer data better” you know like a China social credit score. Gee, I don’t know Gartner, is it? Does this VP Analyst realize what he just said. Also, does he know the subject matter of the talk? It is unclear from his line of questioning.


This is awful. Obviously, you don’t need to know much to be a distinguished vice president analyst at Gartner.