How India Pressures the US Government to Look the Other Way on H1-B Visa Fraud

Executive Summary

  • India demands that the US continually enlarge the H1-B program and that it look the other way on H1-B visa fraud.


India’s role in pushing for the enlargement of the H1-B visa program and looking the other way at the numerous cases of fraud appears to be a long-term strategy for the Indian government.

The following quotation is evidence of this.

An audit at the time found that claims on 45 percent of H1-B visa applications from India could not be verified. The US government gets pressure from the Indian government not to reject H1-B visa petitions in spite of the high level of fraud coming from that country. If you follow their press, you find that India regards H1-B visas as a God given entitlement. In such an environment, it is no wonder that the range of abuse has extended to importing sex slaves.

Meanwhile, the practice of getting H1-B visas for non-existent jobs and creating phony families to import people as dependents goes on unabated. – Sold Out

Hypocrisy on Immigration Demands

Beyond asking the US not to enforce any standards around H1-Bs, L-1s, or B-1 visas, the Indian government also makes demands on the US regarding opening up immigration that India does not itself follow. This is covered in the following quotation.

Offended Indian government officials condemned the backlack and whined about American protectionism. Then Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee bemoaned America’s lack of a “more liberal regime for the free movement of businessmen and professionals from Indian and Europe and the US.”

Naturally, Indians want to gain more access to the US employment market. However, every Indian that is brought over replaces a domestic US worker. If the situation were reversed, and US domestic workers replaced Indian workers, this would not be allowed. Therefore, Vajpayee is not talking about “free movement”. He is talking about a one-way street. As is the case when Indians speak, there is some false information in the sentence somewhere. Indians want to move to countries not founded or managed by Indians. Canada, Australia, England, the US, and many other white-originated countries are awash in Indians who now control access to sectors of the economy, IT being the most prominent.

How India Limits Employment Visas Itself

A cursory check of India’s own strict requirements for foreign business and employment visa applicants seeking to enter its country — conversion of business and employment visas to other visas is almost impossible, visa holders must register with local police upon arrival, and no change of employer is permitted during the currency of the employment visa, for example — demonstrates how India zealously refuses to live by the liberal immigration policies it sanctimoniously demands of other countries. – Sold Out

The desire for “free movement” between countries disappears when the question is whether people are coming in from outside of India to take the jobs of Indians. Indians feel very comfortable lying to Westerners about this because it is completely acceptable to do this in Indian culture.


The Indian government, along with the Indian press, continually lies about the nature of the H1-B visa program. They intend to get as many Indians into the US working under H1-B visas and to displace as many US citizens as possible. The H1-B program and outsourcing are the only part of the Indian economy that functions effectively.