Indian Corruption

How Indians Parasitized the Minority and Women’s Owned Businesses Status

Executive Summary

  • The US developed programs that gave contract preference to historically marginalized groups — namely minorities and women.
  • Recent Indian immigrants have parasitized a program that was never developed for them.


We recently received an email from an Indian recruiter bragging about being a woman-owned business. It made sense to explain the true intent of the US programs for marginalized groups.

The Intent of These Programs

The US government development programs that give preferential treatment to companies owned by minorities and women. The logic for these programs has been to promote more companies that are owned by minorities and women, and this has its most significant impact on the acquisition of government contracts.

How Indians Parasitized the Program

Indians were allowed into the US principle on the H1-B program, but also on a wide variety of other foreign worker visas under the idea that they have better skills that the US does not have. We cover in the article Is There an IT Skills Shortage That Necessitates H1-B Visas? How this is false and was a myth created by immigration attorneys and multinationals who wanted to reduce the cost of labor by having US workers displaced by foreign H1-B visa workers.

However, while none of these programs was designed for Indians and even though the average wage of an Indian exceeds that of the rest of the US population, Indians quickly set about getting a large number of businesses certified as minority or women-owned. Groups like blacks and Hispanic wages significantly lag that of the general population, and these are the groups the programs were designed. Within a short period, Indians have parasitized programs that were never intended for them. As for women, while it may be true that Indian woman is women, they were not allowed into the country (in many cases under a spouse of H4 visa) to push out other domestic women from government contracts. This is outrageous behaviour on the part of the Indian immigrants to the US. For whatever reason, domestic US women and historically disadvantaged minorities are mostly ignorant of the fact that programs that were designed for them have been infested with Indians.


At Brightwork Research & Analysis, we extensively research and fact check the H1-B program — and in each case, we find various types of frauds. The misapplication of the historically marginalized programs to Indians is just another example of this.