How Ivermectin Reduces Cancer Chemotherapy Resistance

Executive Summary

  • Ivermectin has been shown to reduce chemotherapy drug resistance.
  • This contradicts the claims of medical establishment entities.


Cancer chemotherapy resistance is an issue that must be addressed when undergoing this treatment. Using and selecting from the various chemotherapy drugs (of which there are over 500) is only one of the issues that cancer patients must deal with and understand. Another equally important topic is how chemotherapy drugs impact the cells or drug resistance to the chemotherapy drugs. The longer chemotherapy is applied, the higher the likelihood of chemotherapy drug resistance.

Understanding Cancer Chemotherapy Resistance

Cancer chemotherapy resistance (or chemotherapy drug resistance) is the top reason why chemotherapy drugs fail.

The specifics of drug resistance are explained in the following quotation from CancerQuest.

Selection for cancer cells that are resistant to a particular drug: While it is thought that the majority of cancers arise from a single precursor cell, it would be an error to view a tumor as consisting of a collection of genetically identical cells. One of the hallmarks of cancer is an increase in genetic instability and mutation rates. These changes mean that dividing cancer cells acquire genetic changes (mutations) at a high rate. Practically, this means that the cells in a tumor, while similar, are NOT identical. When exposed to a cancer drug, those cells that are sensitive to the effects of the drug are killed. Those that are resistant will survive and multiply. The result is the re-growth of a tumor that is not sensitive to the original drug.

This means that more chemotherapy drugs can be administered, but the patient faces diminishing outcomes — while the chemotherapy drugs negatively impact the cells in the rest of the body. However, all chemotherapy drugs suffer from the immune system’s lowered ability to target the correct cells to attack. To adjust for this, multiple chemo drugs may be used. This is explained in the following quotation.

Several reasons for the existence of the initial drug-resistant cells in the original tumor are described below.

For this reason, and others, chemotherapy drugs are often given in combination. While the likelihood of a particular tumor cell being resistant to several drugs, especially those that attack different cellular processes, is unlikely the large number of cancer cells in a tumor make that a real possibility.

A Proven Way to Address Cancer Chemotherapy Resistance

There is a very simple and cost-effective way to reduce cancer chemotherapy resistance; however, because the drug is a threat to the revenues of chemotherapy drugs overall, cancer centers never use it or discuss it with their patients. Even though there is research that supports its use, the websites of the medical establishment also do not discuss using this drug with chemotherapy.

The reason for this is also that the medical establishment has restricted this drug. Any cancer center using this drug in a public fashion would encounter blowback from the medical establishment. However, this does not mean individuals cannot take this drug on their own.

The Beneficial Outcome of Chemotherapy Drug Resistance

Our results indicated that ivermectin at its very low dose, which did not induce obvious cytotoxicity, drastically reversed the resistance of the tumor cells to the chemotherapeutic drugs both in vitro and in vivo.