How Muslims Justify Violence by Saying it is In the Koran

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Muslims frequently point to the Koran to justify abusing other groups.
  • See examples of this behavior.


Muslims that engage in violent acts continually use the Koran to justify these acts. In this article, we will provide some examples.

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“We are Going to Slaughter You”

This is a Syrian ISIS camp. Young children are telling the reporters that they will slaughter the reporters because they are not Muslim. Where did they learn this from? Also, does this seem at all normal? What other religion has children that state that “we will slaughter you,” to strangers? I am very serious, try to come up with one. This is a religion of peace? 

When pointed out that ISIS engaged in atrocities, they stated that “it is in the Koran.”

There is a pattern here where Muslims will actively promote violence against non-Muslim, but then expect to be treated well when they lose and will say that this or that is “not fair.” Islam appears to create sociopathic psychology where it expects sympathy from non-Muslims, but actively promotes hatred against these non-Muslims.

These former members of ISIS supported atrocities including mass executions and mass murder of both non-Muslims and Shite Muslims. And yet they now want sympathy and the right to return to Western countries after the ISIS Caliphate they wanted to build “did not work out.” 

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about Muslims not repeatedly using Islamic sources to justify violence against non-Muslims, and further by saying that every time this happens it is a “misinterpretation” of “perversion” of Islam. 


This pattern of using the Islamic documents to justify violence is a worldwide phenomenon, and there are plenty of verses in the Koran and Hadith that instruct violence against the kafir. These are verses that Muslims do not want non-Muslims to read or know anything about.