How Safe Are the Covid Vaccines vs Ivermectin and Remdesivir?

Executive Summary

  • What is curious is health authorities promote vaccines and Remdesivir as safe and Ivermectin as not safe.
  • We cover this comparative safety.


This article shows the adverse reaction comparisons between the covid vaccines, Remdesivir and Ivermectin, as tabulated by the WHO.

Our References for This Article

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The WHO’s VigiAccess Adverse Reaction System

The following information is found at the website, which is a website maintained by the WHO.

The Adverse Reactions for The Covid Vaccines

I found a source that stated that 7.8 billion doses of vaccines have been given. 

The Adverse Reactions for The Remdesivir

I could not find a source for the number of Remdesivir doses given, but it is very small compared to covid vaccines and Ivermectin. The FDA only approved Remdesivir in October 2020. I guessed 2.5 million doses based on reading about the number of dosages purchased and manufactured per month.

  • The drug was approved in October 2020
  • I found an article that stated as of June 2020 that, the US had purchased “500,000 doses, which is all of Gilead’s production for July and 90% of August and September,” which means that the production at that time was roughly 250,000 per month — although this is pre-approval.
  • I found an article in August of 2021 that the production that by June of 2021, the manufacturing had increased by 3x to 12.2 million. If we take June to November of 2021 at 12.2, that is 6 x 12.2 = 73.3 million.
  • I found an article in April of 2021 that the 3.8 million doses per month were being manufactured. However, the level before April was much lower. If we take 3.8 million from October 2020 to April of 2021, that is 7 * 3.8 = 26.6 million.
  • 26.6 million + 73.3 million = 102.9 million

At the 14:00 mark, this excellent video explains that Fauci rigged an NIH study on Remdesivir by changing the endpoint from mortality to time to recovery to match with the reduced benefits of Remdesivir. This was done to enrich Gilead. Fauci has a pattern of announcing things while being interviewed before the study being published. 

Remdesivir is a bust as a drug. Highly expensive, ineffective, and with high adverse reactions.

The Adverse Reactions for Ivermectin

I found a source that stated that 3.7 billion doses of vaccines had been given. 

Mathematical Comparison #1: Adverse Reactions Reported  Per Dose

  • Covid Vaccines Problems per Dose = 7.8 Billion / 2.7 Million = 28,888
  • Remdesivir Problems per Dose = 102.9 Million / 7859 = 13,192
  • Ivermectin Problems per Dose = 3.7 Billion / 5812 = 636,613