How Tanzania’s Magufuli Figured Out The PRC Test Is Fake

Executive Summary

  • The PCR tests were used to create fake covid cases and fake covid deaths.
  • The leader of one African country figured this out before almost anyone else.


Magufuli figured out that the PCR covid tests were a scam, and did so convincingly by testing fruit and livestock and finding they came back positive. This article includes a video that is one of the most devastating takedowns of the PCR test that make it look like there was a pandemic.

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Magufuli Exposes Covid PCR Test

The following is a video of Magufuli exposing the PCR tests as fraudulent. I did not find this video until many months after it was recorded. The establishment media did not show this video to the public. But they did mention he made the comments, and this deprived Magufuli of the right to have his views heard in their entirety.

What is amazing is that this is the only known testing of this type that I have ever run across that has been discussed.  

In my view, Magufuli should have published the information the tests, and not just spoken in a video. This would have given his test results more power.

Fruit seems to have a real problem catching covid. This kiwi fruit had covid also. 

How Magufuli Determined a Superior Course of Action for Tanzania

Magufuli developed a response to covid that was vastly superior to anything created in western countries as he refused to lock down Tanzania, refused to implement facemask mandates, and refused to get on the vaccination program. Magufuli was correct in all of these decisions. The lockdowns were not supported by the scientific literature as is covered in the article How There Was Never Any Evidence That Lockdowns Work to Combat Viruses, and How Effective Are Masks in Reducing the Spread of the Coronavirus? and the vaccines turned out to be ineffective as is covered in the article. How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines.

How Magufuli’s Science Background Helped Him See Though the Manufactured Pandemic

As a science teacher before getting into politics, Magufuli had a better science background than the vast majority of politicians in other countries. This no doubt gave him a considerable leg up on interpreting covid and being able to question the status quo.

What Happened to Tanzania’s Covid Policy After Magufuli Died?

One argument might be that Magufuli was not killed because the exact same policy regarding covid was followed after his death. However, the exact opposite happened. After Magufuli died, the following President, Mheshimiwa Rais, switched to supporting the western protocols for dealing with covid.


Magufuli figured out almost before anyone else that the covid pandemic was manufactured and based upon, in part a fake PCR test. The extent of the steps taken to create the pandemic are covered in the article Pandemic In A Box: The Specific Steps Used to Create the Covid Pandemic.

The PCR test creates false positives on a continual basis, and it was never trained on an actual covid virus. This is explained in the article Understanding The PCR Test And How There Was Never a Reliable Test for Covid.