How Tech and IT Outsourcing Firms Hide the Number of H1-Bs and Indians They Employ

Executive Summary

  • Companies that operate in the US have been extremely careful to lie about how many Indian workers they employ.
  • This is yet another example of how the foreign worker program has been based upon false claims.


Years ago, IBM stopped reporting where its employees were located. The official reason given was that IBM was a “global company” and would only be reporting its global employees going forward. However, the real reason was the IBM was so aggressively firing workers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia and hiring in India, that IBM did not want the political blowback of being known as an Indian company. IBM also did not wish to people figuring out that while it was still charging hundreds of dollars an hour for its Global Services. Indians were providing much of the services in India that their customers could have procured themselves, cutting IBM out of a massive profit stream.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is here seen on a network owned by billionaires talking about the effect of AI on jobs. CBS presents her as paternalistic. However, what Ginni Rometty wants is to pay Indian wages and displace US workers from their jobs, while paying poverty wages to Idnaisn in India — making enormous margins on labor. Ginni herself is not so much about reducing her labor costs. Ginni makes roughly $20 million per year, while IBM employs fewer and fewer Americans and more and more Indians. 

How Facebook Reports its Employment

The reverse of this issue is how technology firms report H1-B labor and Indian labor in the US. Nearly every technology firm underreports how much it relies on lower lost H1-B labor.

The following anonymous quotation explains how Facebook fakes the reporting of its employment.

Facebook publishes the distribution of Facebook employees by ethnicity. It’s interesting to me that they group Indians and Asians together into a single group called “Asians”. The Asian and White percentages for 2019 is 43% and 44% which sounds pretty balanced right? I’ve never worked for a big tech firm like Facebook, so I can’t be sure but… I’d bet money that if you look at the numbers based on job function the spread would be more like Sales and Marketing, White 80% and Software Engineering, Asian 80%. That shows (if true) that they are TOTALLY misrepresenting the impact of H1B on their workforce.

Not Indians….”Asians”

There has been a recategorizing of Indians as “Asians.” This is to make it appear as if the hiring and employment if ar more broadly based than it is. Silicon Valley does not run off of Malaysian or Indonesian labor (both SouthEast Asians). It runs off of Indian labor.

Faking Diversity

This false “diversity” is wholesale labor immigration from not just one country, but one region in India, as we cover in the article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers, a region whose people have rigged the H1-B and other foreign worker visa program in favor of people from this region.


Multinationals want the US population to see the outsourcing of US jobs to India and foreign worker visas as a natural part of “diversity,” and one way they do this is by faking their employment statistics.